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    I am finally getting around to posting this. We bought our UM3E about 12 months ago. The first time I ran a print over night, the filament jumped over the edge of the spool, got bound up around the spool post, and caused the print to fail (in the last 60 minutes of the 20 hour print job). I was very frustrated. So I designed a simple add-on to prevent this from happening again. The factory equipment restrains the filament at one point around the spool, leaving it free to jump the spool around the rest of spool. To fix this, I created two additional restraint arms. To make sure it fit correctly to the existing components, I downloaded the part CAD files from Ultimaker. It fits over the spool post, and positively locks into place against the existing retainer arm (to prevent it from rotating with the spool). When changing spools, you just sit the retainer on the side of the spool, and load it normally. A little turn ensures it is locked in.
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    I'll start then! ? - How many printers did you broke during your tests? - Using the Mohs scale of hardness, what was the hardest material you were able to successfully print and what level of hardness was it? - Which of your currently available material gave you the most troubles during the conception and testing phase? - Do you think that 3D printing can one day become as easy and simple than the famous replicators seen on Star Trek?
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    Profile overrules material, but usually the printing temperature is defined in the material and the profile has a formula to take that value and add for example 10 degrees, instead of overriding it with a hardcoded value.
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    As much as I have had many great experiences with the S5; sadly, you are sharing many of the thoughts that I have shared. Particularly after the dismal deployment of Ultimaker Cura 3.5. Like you, I purchase what was solicited as a long term tested commercial printer that was to be pert near plug and play and paid; comparatively speaking; a premium for it however, I too feel as if I am smack dab in the middle of a development curve; this curve being Ultimaker’s. And yet unlike you, I still hold out hope that they will deliver as promised as such I openly expresss my thoughts, share my concerns, implement work arounds as needed, assist others when I can, and throughout; I remain support of the Ultimaker printer because; I think it is a good product supported directly and indirectly by many many folks that care. My last comment included “care” which is pivotal to how I feel today. In my opinion whether an open source environment or not the proverbial buck begins and ends with the core Ultimaker team. You mention how responsibly was shifted as if to say; not/no longer our responsibility and yet it is and soliciting products into and for the commercial arena carries with it responsiblies far beyond those of the hobbiest and enthusiasts. Now this in no way diminishes anyone’s value but rather the associated risk and cost burden is different between the groups. In closing, I too have had my moments of frustration as such truly understand where you are coming from and your ever increasing frustration. For examples; I too was told after the fact that there was no easy way to implement static IP, experience random issues with the printer that akin to a ghost, come and go, firmware issues, Ultimaker Cura 3.5 deplyment issues, and yet I would encourage you to do as I have and take a deep breath and let the process become mechanical rather than emotional because the later will prove to be a fruitless exercise in futility. I will restate; I think that the Ultimaker team want to have the best printer line in the marketplace and because they care I believe they will do it. If I did not I would have boxed the S5 up and shipped it back because at this moment; just like you, it is “not” all that I was promised. Takes care
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    Most strings can be scrapped off and others a small pair of end cutters, razor blade, and certainly sandpaper or a nail file. I try to stay away from sanding unless my intention is to paint the surface. You should not see much stringing from the PLA. The same is true throughout the print; there will typically be an imperfection here and there and if a concern a little detail work will make you smile.
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