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    In a way, this is what I had made a while back. I printed out some things in PLA, then vacuum formed some dental grade PETG over the prints to make molds from them for chocolates. Everything is original except for the 'Bumble' from the 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' Christmas special from the 60's. That can be found on thingiverse. I greatly modded that one. Venom is a mod from my Venom piece a while back and the ornament was from one of my Christmas sets I made a while back. The heart is some goofy thing I made ages ago. I sent the molds to my nephew who is on his way to being a dessert chef....or something else. He is still young enough to change his mind. I mean, he also has an anvil and does hand smithed metal. So, no telling where this young man's mind will take him. :) But, these were his first chocolates he made with the molds. Just got these pics.
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    Test assembly, now casting silicone, then final assembly and test.
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    Its Here!! A couple of days delay due to the Courier screwing things up but all arrived safe and well!! Setup was an absolute breeze!! I had started the test print within 30 minutes of it being in the office. The user interface on the S5 really guides you through everything just like a smartphone app! The first prints came out Great!!! i had assumed that there would be some teething issues or learning curve, but the printer has performed flawlessly so far! A Couple of over night prints, and a couple of smaller projects through the day. Its just so easy to use!! so far i've only been printing with the tough PLA (black) and PVA supplied with the printer, but i'm keen to try Nylon now that i have got a few prints under the belt. We already have some colored PLA on order so we can print our festive decorations for the office! I really am pleased that i chose Ultimaker. The whole 3D printing experience is just excellent, even for a newbie like myself!
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    Have you tried to reset Cura Connect on the printer? You find it under Settings, Maintenance if I can remember correctly.
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    Success ! stuck with the PolyMax PLA parts. did my first dual color print. Worked flawlessly ! so cool watching it dock and un-dock. ! Great stuff . used Cura 3.2 VID_20181014_171005.zip
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