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    Those three sentences are so absolutely, completely and irremediably wrong, up to a point that it pains me to read them. If there is one thing I learned after nearly 15 years of work in customer-related positions and in retail, it is that, no matter how well documented something is, or how failsafe you think you made your product, some fool will find a way to break it in ways that aren't supposed to be possible. Or will do something that is explicitly marked as 'DO NOT DO THIS!' on the documentation with big red flashing lights, because they didn't read it, skimmed through the documentation or something alike. And, as Murphy's Law would have it, the more detailed your documentation, the more people will break your product. Then they'll say that they aren't at fault, that the documentation wasn't clear enough. Let me share some personal experience: I sold mobile phones for years in a small shop. Back before the advent of smartphones and touchscreens, phones used to have a pretty extensive documentation; thick booklets included in the package, sometimes as thick or thicker than the phone itself. Many of those documentations also showed to the users, using pictures on the very first five pages or so, how to open the phone, place the sim card (and the memory card if there was a slot for it), battery, and then close it back. I've lost count of the number of people who managed to damage their phone right after buying it by trying to put the sim card or battery the wrong way, or place the sim card into the memory card slot, even though most memory cards were maybe a quarter the size of a sim card and not the same shape anyway. It wouldn't fit, then they would use their strength to force it in because they cannot be wrong, obviously, and end breaking something and come back to complain. And even when shown the nice clear pictures in the instruction booklet, they would complain that the pictures and text aren't clear enough, and ask for a refund or an exchange since, obviously, it's not their fault but ours as reseller or the manufacturer's for not being clear enough. So, while I have absolutely no idea what SSH is or means or what it is used for, if giving access to it is opening the door to potentially bricking the printers, then I fully understand why UM is saving themselves the headaches by not supporting it. You can never make anything failsafe, no matter how detailed and clear and concise your documentation is. I printed many engineered objects in Nylon, and other materials, on my UM3E since I got it last year, I never once even had to calibrate the steps, and my customers have always been very happy with the results. I printed a couple of prototypes and a handful of parts for use, including some things for the engine of a car or a motorbike, I don't remember exactly, and the customer told me that they fit nicely in the engine. Maybe you got unlucky and had the one in a million or so printer that wasn't calibrated right? That they choose to only provide support for the appimage and not the PPA is their right. That decision certainly has valid grounds for UM and was probably taken after a lengthy analysis by the people in charge at UM. Besides, the fact that they do not support versions of their open source software that isn't produced by themselves seems very normal to me. I don't see why they would provide support for the PPA made by Lulzbot since Lulzbot isn't part or related to UM in anyway. Or even to a version of the program done by an employee on their free time, since that version never went through the thorough internal process of testing and vetting and such. I disagree that UM does not have the willingness to listen to their customers. We have this forum where we can talk to them, and they usually reply with speed and efficiency, reaching out to people who post complaints or troubles here in a very short time usually. SandervG and a handful of others from the company are very active here, and questions and comments are forwarded to the relevant people inside the company, with some of them logging in to give the answers and other replying through SandervG. Of course, sometimes the answer or reaction from UM isn't what we expect or what we would like. But they are here, they do listen to us, and I would say that I know very little companies with such an active team, or even companies who have gone to the length of putting up a forum such as this one for their users and customers. @RudydG I concur with Smithy: that is a very nice set-up you have! ^^
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    It looks like the answer is yes to both, but you can get the plugin you need from the creator here:
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    My setup of the S5, i found a very nice cabinet with wheels, Ikea https://www.ikea.com/be/nl/producten/opbergmeubelen/ladeblokken-bureauopbergers/bekant-opbergmeubel-op-wielen-draadwerk-wit-spr-09282547/ Suits me very well, easy acces because you can turn the cabinet to acces the back of the printer, and the right height (deskheight is to low, this is 1mtr, ideal!!) At the backside, i have the "normal" spool attachement, and also a drybox for the moisture sensitive filament. At this moment i am using the last of a roll breakaway, and a roll of Polymax Pla (=tough pla) .
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    Update: Cura 4.0 stable is now available, and the plugins mentioned below are available through the Marketplace. Do not use the releases below anymore! As many of you noticed, the Cura 4.0 beta was released with most plugins missing from the Marketplace. Due to changes in Cura, all plugins need to be resubmitted to Ultimaker (again), and they need to be approved by Ultimaker before they are available for download in the Marketplace. I submitted a set of plugins before the launch of the beta, but have not heard back on any of them. This does not surprise me much; afterall the launch is often a hectic process, and the holidays followed shortly after. Because I'm getting questions where my plugins are, here's a list of prerelease downloads. You can download these files and drag/drop them in a running instance of Cura. You need to restart Cura when you're done. Note: these plugins have not yet been vetted by Ultimaker. Consider them beta software, and please share your feedback. Functionally they should be exactly the same as their 3.x counterparts. ZOffset: http://files.fieldofview.com/cura/ZOffsetPlugin-v6.0.0-2018-12-17T13_34_27Z.curapackage Version in Titlebar: http://files.fieldofview.com/cura/VersionInTitlebarPlugin-v6.0.0-2018-12-17T13_23_26Z.curapackage Printer Settings: http://files.fieldofview.com/cura/PrinterSettingsPlugin-v6.0.0-2018-12-17T13_23_40Z.curapackage Mesh Tools: http://files.fieldofview.com/cura/MeshTools-v6.0.0-2018-12-17T13_23_55Z.curapackage Linear Advance: http://files.fieldofview.com/cura/LinearAdvanceSettingPlugin-v6.0.0-2018-12-17T13_22_59Z.curapackage There are three notable absent plugins here: Compact Prepare Sidebar, Autoslice Toggle Switch and OctoPrint Connection. The former two will not be updated for Cura 4.0, because their concept and implementation are not compatible with the new Cura 4.0 UI. I am working on a new plugin though which can be seen as the spiritual successor to the Compact Prepare Sidebar plugin and may contain the Autoslude Toggle Switch as part of it. Last, but certainly not least, the OctoPrint Connection plugin. I have a version of that plugin which works fine with the Cura 4.0 beta. However, since the beta has been launched there have been changes to Cura that would cause the plugin to crash Cura. So if you install the plugin for Cura 4.0 beta, and then upgrade to Cura 4.0 beta 2 or the stable version of Cura 4.0, Cura will no longer launch. Rest assured, I also have a version of the plugin that will not crash with Cura 4.0 beta 2 and Cura 4.0 stable, but that will crash your current Cura 4.0 beta. I have warned the Cura team about this situation, and got the advice to just wait for the second beta to make an OctoPrint Connection plugin for Cura 4.0. For details, see this discussion on github: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/pull/4975#issuecomment-447959182 Update: a version of the OctoPrint Connection plugin is now available after all; see below: https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/25967-plugins-for-cura-40-beta/?do=findComment&comment=232358
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    Hello everyone and Merry Xmas!! What better way to incorporate parametric design learning/teaching and Christmas holiday spirits than some candy cane scripting. Sure it can be done by hand as well but the best way to get a grip on your parametric skills is to use it also for more seasonal holiday spirit and instant satisfaction reward. I have been using 3D printing just before the holidays at work to simulate and engage my colleagues to learn basic parametric design and get a grip on Grasshopper. Here are the results hanging in the little tree. I think it was a very fruitful workshop and I was quite surprised with the results. As an Xmas special freeby for the community I have attached the parametric candy canes I made for this workshop and there are 7 of them. For those of you who want the script and want to see more in detail how this was done you can follow this link https://www.dineadesign.com/2018/12/24/xmas-candy-canes/ -- however here I would keep it more 3D printing related. So to start, import the candy cane you want to print and then select the model and create Ctrl+M to multiply --- make one copy 🙂 Next what you want to do is rotate the Y axis 180 degrees. Select both models and move the models on the Z axis by Z total height /2 in this case = -8 mm Now just print and super glue together and you have yourself a fast printed curly candy cane for your tree. How would you print this? Let me know! CANDY6.stl CANDY1.stl CANDY2.stl CANDY3.stl CANDY4.stl CANDY5.stl CANDY6.stl
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    Have you considered using magnets? Makes for a very compact way of keeping it closed. But of course it depends on how secure the lid needs to be, you still need to be able to open it after all 🙂
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    I increased the platform heat to 110c. The printer was in the workshop with no heat (average 14c room temperature) I moved the printer inside the office with 22c room temperature, I do have a front door and I coveredthe top, after these changes I did manage to print both ABS and PC. thank you very much.
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    Theoretically, you can repair it yourself, you just need two cables and then solder it together. It is maybe a little bit tricky, but it should work. Otherwise, if you prefer to get the spare part, contact @fbrc8-erin, she can tell you what is available and what you need.
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    If I would be so disappointed about a company or a printer, I would sell it again and look for a company, brand, printer which fits all my needs I have regarding support, software, calibration and so on. It makes no sense, in my opinion, to work with a printer which is so annoying. Thousands of customers are happy with the S5 and achieve amazing results out of the box with it, but expectations can be different and maybe the printer is not for everyone. Just my 2 cents...
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    For me it is easy to explain, I bought the S5, not because of the aluminum plate, I bought it because of the build volume and the possibility to print abrasive materials. Honestly, I got noticed about the aluminum plate first, after unboxing 🙂 - that's maybe the reason why I don't see it that "hard" or unacceptable as others. I can also understand that some are disappointed about the end of the aluminum plate, especially if this was the only reason why they decided to buy the printer. But I still believe it was better to say stop now, than waiting for a product that cannot be mass produced as expected and which probably makes more problems than the glass plate. We all know that it was in the marketing channels that this will be a unique feature of the S5 and even because of that, I have full respect for the decision Ultimaker made. They truly believed that they can accomplish the production and now as they cannot, they are honest enough with the coming out and try to find individual solutions for customers which are not happy with a second glass plate. So, in my opinion, we should be fair and give them the time and the chance to compensate for this issue. Maybe I don't understand what you mean, but this combination is working great and also with different brands of materials. UM materials and print heads are detected by Cura and you can print without modifying any setting. When you try to use Simplfy3D for example with your S5, then you see what you really have with Cura and how perfectly Cura works with the Ultimaker printers. Last but not least I have a wish for 2019, that we all will act objective and fair. Everyone should get a chance to make things better next time, also Ultimaker, and with all disappointment, we should not forget, that they have built and build hopefully also in the future great workhorses for our businesses and hobby activities.
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    In my opinion and experience, it is exactly that. For me, the S5 and also the UM3 are plug and play printers. Unboxed, connected, installed Cura and started the first print. Everything fine, no problems. Try a China printer or a Prusa, and you will see the difference. If someone needs more plug and play or is overwhelmed with the usage of an Ultimaker printer, then you have to buy something in a much higher price category. I like my UM printers and have no problems with it. Also not with the Cura software, which runs quite well on my Apple machines. They produce nice quality prints and the community here is superb regarding support and help, which no commercial support can offer in my opinion. All known issues are not really issues for me if the led is dimmed or off is not important for me. If there will come an aluminum plate or not, is not important for me - I can print every material on glass with or without the help of other adhesion tools. If Cura is not working on my machine, it is not the fault of the printer. Everyone who still thinks he cannot print without an aluminum plate should contact Ultimaker. @SandervG offered more than once to contact him directly to discuss a possible solution. So instead of complaining here again and again (which gets boring with the time), should do that.
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    It is a common practice, that such things are unsupported which is good in my opinion. If this would be a supported and documented feature, everyone who is able to start an SSH client, will connect to the shell and start modifying things, which could easily result in a bricked printer. If that happens, the user cries out loud that something is not working, the printer is bricked and he needs help, support, and whatever to get his printer up and running again. Therefore, shell access is unsupported and to use it is on your own risk. Why do you think or have the feeling that the firmware is unsupported? I get for my S5 new firmware releases from Ultimaker and they also care about newly found bugs. Cura is open source, everyone can compile and package the software. If you have the feeling that one or the other package is better than the official one, go for it and be happy, but it makes no sense to complain about non-working packages which are not maintained by Ultimaker officially. And in my opinion, if the superior PPA is not even starting anymore, then it is not so superior. If the appimage is also not working for you, then the problem is maybe not the software itself, but some other issues on your system, libraries or something like that. Have you sent a direct message to @SandervG to find a solution that works for you? If not, you should do that if you expect a solution for your unhappiness.
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    I live in a very humidy city, Rio de Janeiro, and I had a cheap humidity meter that had very low tolerance, about + or - 8% but it broked, realy bad quality one. Nowadays I use another one, still cheap compared to the professional ones but the values are much closer to the official mesurement made by climatic organ in my city, they mesure in my neighbohood so it’s a good source to compare. I believe it have + or - 3% accurancy but it just work to me to know when to dry my silica gel and maintain the humidy of the filament. During these years I learned that silica gel only dryes the outter area of the filament, inside still humity and the only way to eliminate it is heating (IMPORTANT: below the glass temperature of the filament to don’t destroy your filament properties) and with air circulation spining around the roll or filament peace. For this one the best choice should be a PrintDry (https://www.printdry.com/) and they pointed in their website how it works: view photos or check full info in this link https://www.printdry.com/science And the last photo attached is a information about hygroscopic materials, it’s missing TPU information that I believe it’s very hygroscopic but not as much as Nylor or PVA. I’m seeing some guys using food dehydrator to dry filamets, that’s should be a cheaper choice but need some ajustments to fit the rolls as showned in this recently 3DMN video: I hope those informations helps anyone!
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    Another feedback is to have the list of Print settings (windows/drop down) flexible so you can enlarge it. A expend all settings button as well.
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    Creative, funny winter snowman crafts for kids, including one boy and one girl, the total hours is about 7, made with quality RepRapper PLA 3D printing filament. Settings: Printer: Anet E10 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 20% Filament: RepRapper PLA Red snowboy-01.stl snowgirl-03.stl
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    Hi guys! Since it's almost Christmas, I thought it'd be a nice idea to do a quick Christmas Tree Topper. I have yet to remove all pva and paint my own print, but I'd also like to see you guys print and decorate it. Who's in? 🙂 Christmas Tree Topper.STL
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    I usually make from scratch and design, but just liked the idea of a static model.
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    Thank you all for your kind comments The Model is fully printed NO paint work involved, except for the lettering on the front which is marker pen on raised txt. I used print temp 195 Fillamentum Vertigo Grey Fillamentum Ruby Red Fillamentum Traffic yellow Colour Fab Mat Black A std Grey (was a sample from a show) And Elixire Gold Rush for the Bling Bling (which I hated to print with no good for small parts) to much z scarring and could not get S3D to print with it, I had to use Cura all the other parts where printed with S3D Glad you all liked it.
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    Hello everyone, I have been away for a while being busy with well, work. However, I never had a chance to brag and show some of my work both from work and personal portfolio. Some from the work portfolio is done by myself, some together or exclusively by interns. In case I have not been clear before, I work as an architect for Sweco Architects at the mother ship in Stockholm Sweden. One of my daily tasks for the past two years was to handle the in-house fablab. So here are some photos of the works we have left around in the office - the really cool models always end up with the client (but what is new?) A little preview from work: Personal Portfolio - I use a lot of parametric design and 3D printing to exercise and build up my own skills in my free time - and also to be able to share with the community developments, therefore not implying a client and or her/his secrecy restrictions. Prints from the community such as ultimaker ad thinginverse:
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