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    thanks all, I watched the video and followed the advice, used the glue stick and less clearance on the calibration, printed out with no problems:)
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    I'm working on a plugin that changes the new GUI in Cura to be more settings-centric by adding back the concept of a sidebar. If you can't get used to the floating panels in the new GUI, there will soon be a plugin for you. While rearranging things into the sidebar, I am also taking the chance to rearrange some other bits: move X-ray from the Preview tab to the Prepare tab in my opinion it makes more sense to detect/show errors *before* slicing reunite the Open button with the Toolbar Fitts's law suggests keeping distances between small items smaller; I just dislike having UI elements in all corners of the UI. add the same menu and sidebar between Prepare and Preview so things don't jump around The plugin is currently in the state of a proof-of-concept; there is currently no way to switch between the Recommended and Custom sidebar, and there is no way to change the materials/printcores in the sidebar. When all standard functionality is in its new place I'll post a prerelease here before publishing the plugin to the Marketplace. If you can't wait, you can check out the code here: https://github.com/fieldOfView/SidebarGUIPlugin Things I'm considering: integrate the action panel into the sidebar move job name into sidebar move standard view items into view options/legend area The plugin is a spiritual successor to the Compact Prepare Stage plugin, though it was written from scratch with a different end-goal in mind. That plugin will not be developed further. Update: a beta is available below:https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/26014-sidebar-gui-for-cura-40/?do=findComment&comment=229800
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    This is a Tractrix horn that I constructed with Fusion 360 (imported calculated data) and printed with Cura on my UM3. At the back side of the horn a tweeter is going to be mounted and the whole stuff will become part of a stereo audio system (I made two of them for a friend of mine who is an audio fanatic). Material: Ice PLA, colour "Glamorous Gold", printed with 0.8 nozzle and some PVA support.
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    I'd love to be able to mark materials as "in stock" and restrict the list to in-stock only.
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    The textured surface will not be any problem. Sound does not move like water from a garden hose. The air particles bump into adjacent ones to transmit sound. Other than that, they are pretty much stationary. Important is a rounded edge at the mouth and a perfect fitting throat to the driver to prevent diffraction.
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    Pieces are slowly falling into place. It is all a bit fiddly to do, because I am pushing the plugin system a bit further than it was designed to go. I think I might use the now empty space below the Prepare/Preview/Monitor menu for a print-settings-summary like the header for the settings view in the normal interface. Thoughts? Still to do before I release a test-version: extruder-tabs and material/print core selection in the sidebar fix layerview slider positions
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    Hey, you made the firmware I am running! :D I have finished the script, and it does what I wanted: The T-rex looks a bit sad but I should be able to fix it by tuning the retraction setting. The M600 command is ignored, but the M0 works just fine, just needed to modify the other pausing script a bit. And it turns out finding the top layer is not so straightforward, I tried using the ";LAYER_COUNT" value-1 but that gives a bigger number sometimes, using "data[-1]" just give me M107 and the things after. I end up going backward in the data and just use the first layer I found. If anyone want to try it here's the script: https://github.com/cashlo/Cura-post-processing-scripts/blob/master/PauseAtTopAndBottom.py
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    The UM3 is still supported, don't worry. As mentioned above, the S5 and UM3 share a common code base and we did plan to release a new UM3 together with the 5.1 release for the S5. However ... There are more technical problems than we anticipated and the UM3 release did not pass our quality tests. The S5 with its graphical interface uses more disk space and this required another partitioning of the internal file system. Converting the existing UM3's to the new disk partition sizes is working, but we keep finding new edge cases that have to be covered as well. We are working hard to get a UM3 release out, but only want to release it when we are confident the update won't brick your printer.
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    Hallo Matthias du wirst hier im Forum wenig dazu finden, da hier die meisten Ultimaker Drucker haben. Aber ich weiß, dass der Ender 3 ein Problem mit dem Feeder hat und anscheinend zuwenig Spannung auf der Feder liegt die das Rändelrad gegen das Filament drückt. Aber wenn du sagst es kommt gar nichts raus, klingt das eher nach einem anderen Problem. Trotzdem solltest in der Gegend vom Feeder suchen, dreht sich der Steppermotor dort? Dreht sich das Rändelrad? Es könnte auch sein, dass sich das Rändelrad auf der Achse durchdreht weil es zu locker angeschraubt ist. Wo drückst du das Filament nach? Ich nehmen an vor dem Feeder, dann ist meine Vermutung mit dem Rändelrad sehr wahrscheinlich, denn wenn das Rad ordnungsgemäß fixiert ist und auch der Anpressdruck passt, dann sollte es dir nicht mehr möglich sein, mit der Hand Filament nachzuschieben.
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    I found one. I'm glad to be apart of the Ultimaker community again!
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    I usually cut the filament end at a 45deg angle and straighten the tip a bit, then it's pretty easy imho
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    Just in case you ever notice weird underextrusion that you can’t debug (specially if you don’t use geared or bondtech motor feeder) I would suggest everyone to set the extruder on duet3d to disable the interpolation on the extruder To do so change the config.g extruder config to: M350 E16 I0 ; Disable interpolation on extruderM350 X16 Y16 Z16 I1 ; Configure microstepping with interpolation for XYZ This way by splitting in two lines you can set I0 for no interpolation for the selected feeders and enable it for the rest. I had some issues with bad filament that comes very tight on the end of the spool and removing the interpolation I could regain enough torque to remove the issue.
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    With the "expert" level activated in the Print Setup of Cura, expand the Material section and at the bottom should be "Nozzle Switch Retract Distance/Speed". You'll need to set the retraction distance for the switch nozzle function specifically and then select "Extruder 2" at the top and add those settings again to set it for both materials. It may be something else, but it sounds like that could be it if you're seeing it work for one and not the other. Good luck! -Brian
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    Good thing is that the Swedish have a solution for (almost) anything. ? UM3 users can e.g. get a @bondtech DDG Feeder set for the UM3 which is a drop-in replacement with a hardened and coated steel gear that grabs the filament from both sides and is designed for regular usage of abrasive materials.
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