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    Yes, UM3 firmware comes in 1 flavour only. The machine type (and a few other settings) are programmed in a separate location during fabrication.
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    Definitely *avoid* SketchUp: it will cause nothing but problems, because its models are not watertight: they are no solids, but sort of "cardboard models" with gaps in the seams. I use DesignSpark Mechanical, a freeware limited version of the commercial SpaceClaim. For my technical models this is good enough. On Youtube you also find good tutorials for this. Go to the DesignSparkRS channel and scroll down to 3 and 4 years ago. It is easy to learn too. Not suitable for organic models or photorealistic rendering. It depends a lot on your personal taste and requirements. I would recommend you take a look at demos of several programs, and choose the one you like most.
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    Before printing I like to go into layer mode and check changes in important areas from one layer to the next. For example when supports meet overhangs. Doing this with the slider is a bit tedious, there can be hundreds of layers and you have to move the mouse pixel-perfect to change it by exactly one layer. Typing the number slows you down even more. So my request is to add +/- buttons to increment/decrement the current layer. Here is a quick mockup: Notice that they should be fixed so that you can leave the mouse pointer in place. You could also make it so that a right-click on plus decrements, even faster workflow. Also - I want to thank you for providing this amazing software for free.
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    Good news! The feature already exists. Use Ctrl+up arrow and Ctrl+down arrow. It's important that keyboard focus is somewhere in the graphical area and not on a setting. For example if you click and drag the slider first, then use ctrl+up or ctrl+down
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    I have to say goprint3d.co.uk where i got my S5 from was real good and they sent me a email like the next day after official post and a postal letter also about the build plate.
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    Huh, that's an interesting one. The "thing" that you see is indeed the layer number box. Clicking and dragging the slider area between two top and bottom nubs lets you drag them both at the same time. The layer number box behaves correctly in the current code-base (which will become Cura 4.0 BETA 2), so I think I will let this one slide for now; it will fix itself for once ;-). Thanks for noticing it though. Don't be sorry, it is exactly why I post a beta before publishing the plugin.
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    Hopefully youll see tomorrow!!! Its a variant on my fabric printing. Fingers crossed!!
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    Good news! The print completed in 2h20 without any issues, printing with the Hardcore + 0.6 Everlast nozzle So the problem was too much moisture in the filament.
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    Here are some photos of a Chainmail sphere in progress. It's from a design I created ten years ago and thankfully the writeup is still available. The plan is to write an updated tutorial with some easier techniques that have now surfaced. Les
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    I may be late to the party with any discussion on this. Is there any commercial upgrade kit available, to turn a UM2+ into a dual extrusion machine? I haven't found anything but it seems like the print head is designed to take another heater block assembly. Thanks in advance.
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    Right click on the part and then choose "multiply".
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