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    Hello, I'm looking to sell my beloved UM3 together with the following: UM3 in top condition, fully serviced 10/18, unboxed, with certificate and in original packaging Complete with all original accessories Print cores: 2x AA0.4, BB0.4 (brand new), BB0.8 and 1x 3DSolex printcore with hardened nozzles from 0.25-1.2mm as well as ruby nozzles 0.25-1mm (most nozzles are brand new) Ultimaker Advanced 3D printing kit and spare glass bed and all the bed adhesion sheets Custom made printer hood with extraction and return 50mm dia. ports, compatible with BOFA filtration systems (filtration system not included) Price is £2,050 + Free shipping within the UK only Cheers,
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    We Printing Buildings. Usually it is only exterior. Please see the pictures
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    @tinkergnome - thanks! Guess you are right ... wonder what I was doing while reading. 😅 ok - at least I read it now again - thanks!
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    I do it all the time this way - i noticed no drawbacks so far. But you can uninstall it first, just to be sure. The configuration files should stay in place even then.
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    Thank you for your fantastic work. I really liked this compact and efficient design. The documentation is thorough and the design is well thought. It's not difficult to print and assemble. I printed it with transparent PC, so it has its style. I got pretty good results with it. And most of all, the DXU itself look really good. 😎
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