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    I've had an Ultimaker 3 for a few months and it's worked perfectly, zero complaints. Yesterday however cura wouldn't connect and when I checked the printer it was disconnected from the wifi. I attempted setting up the wifi again by creating a hot spot but it says "creating wifi hotspot" for ages with no results. I've rebooted and updated the firmware via USB but still no progress. The Printer hasn't moved since transportation and has not been bumped or banged. Any suggestions?
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    Thank you i will try
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    Got tired of waiting, so I rolled back to 4.3.3 by doing the firmware recovery (attached). It was actually fairly simple, and I'm not particularly technical. Anyway, every issue is now gone, and I'm back to printing. Work Instructions Ultimaker 3 firmware recovery.pdf
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    Hello, here is one of my last projects. It`s a mini shredder, made of PLA. We tested the shredder with gummy bears, paper and popcorn. 😉
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