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  1. I put heatsinks on the original stepper drivers as well. They did get a little hotter than normal with the addition of the tl smoothers. Heatsinks are so cheap it just seems like the sensible thing to do, even without any modification.
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  2. As far as I know, there is no shop selling a spare nozzle for the UM print core and I also haven't seen or read about it, that anyone has done it. When you use the BB core nozzle with any other material than PVA, your nozzle will start oozing and you will get stringing during your print. So you will only have to options, buy a new print core or switch to the 3DSolex hard core.
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  3. The printer will refuse to load a AA 0.25 with PVA for good reasons. So BB 0.4 it is.
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  4. ITX case for 6,7 × 6,7 Zoll boards (Case 19cm x 19cm x 7,7cm LBH). Print in PETG, of course you can also take something else 🙂 . It took me a moment to get everything right. The rear panel also fits now. The kit consists of housing, the housing cover.(in DIFFERENT VERSIONS) The front panel, made of two parts, and the associated buttons with the back brackets for the PC switches. Front panel, two versions with magnet or with metal pin. Front On Off, open, closed LED cover. Front panel, buttons, magnets I glued with 2K glue. Below the board is a HDD-bag that can hold two 2.5 Zol
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