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    Cura is making these strange supports that ends in thin air. I do not understand how they help the print. They tend to break and cause problems when they are tall. Is there a way to get rid of them?
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    Hello @changedsoul, on the Linux side, Cura stores state in ~/.local/share/cura/VERSION and ~/.config/cura/VERSION. BTW, I created git repos in both of those directories which I occasionally use to snapshot my profiles, etc. Then if Cura goes berserk and trashes everything I can recover my previous state easily.
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    Thomas, How do we go about installing this update. It's currently working so well I don't want to screw it up!!
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    My gut feelings says that if a power issue causes the reboot there probably is no log... About the firmware, I'm running tinkerware, but on mine you find the version in ADVANCED/PREFERENCES/VERSION, may be a bit different in the original firmware, not sure. Can you borrow an UM2 power brick from someone to rule out it's the cause? (where are you located?) The first thing I would do is check all connections on the main board, are all connectors ok, are the screws (depending on how old the machine is) for the bed heater tight? And unrelated, but why do you set filament to 1.75, is the machine converted to 1.75 ?
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    Power supply brick on it's last legs and getting ready to fail? Just a thought. Before I purchased my UM3 I had a UM2. Not a 2+, had to replace the brick at one month old under warranty. Acted similarly. Like I said, just a thought
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    Y a de le magie noire dans les anciennes versions de Cura 🙂 En gros y a des choses qui sont corrigées au niveau des mesh (dans Cura 4 ça se retrouve sous les paramètres mesh fixes il me semble) donc ça dépend probablement de ça
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