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    Personally, I'd get the parts from UM or an authorized seller, eBay ones can be very hit or miss with poor QC and there's no real reason to equip a printer of this price range with crummy sub-par parts. UM will have done their due diligence on finding a reputable supplier of quality parts, there's no reason to try to reinvent the wheel for saving $20
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    Damn, too slow again, but anyway: Well, 3d-printing depends on solid, "watertight" models. The model in your file is the exact opposite... 😛 It consists of 114 separate (mostly overlapping) shells with paper thin walls, it's not usable for any manufacturing method that i'm aware of. I'm not an expert and i don't know your modeling software, but there are tutorials for nearly everything out there nowadays... All i know is: you need to create a solid, watertight model without intersecting faces, without internal structures and so on.... And as a rule of thumb: walls should not be thinner that two times the nozzle diameter, if you want to print it later. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the file @cerons. It only contains the model and not the settings (you need to do File -> Save to save the settings and the model). Anyway, the model has problems. The mesh tools say it's not watertight (bad news for a water slide!). To be printable, the model needs to be watertight.
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    Hi marcottt no at the moment, I come back to one extruder because cyclops was a crazy of jams and I couldn`t setup well. Regards Gustavo https://www.thingiverse.com/danzig483/about
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    @shambam I follow the standard maintenance and clenaing procedures set by UM for my UM3E, worked like a charm so far. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52604-clean-the-printer https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52613-clean-the-feeders
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