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  1. This orange component removes the finished parts from the press. The part replaced an aluminum part, which in each case additionally had to be equipped with a teflon glider and was also much more expensive to manufacture. In addition, the 3d printed component was provided with a break point, which protects the upper punch against damage in the event of a crash.
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  2. I don't want to sound like a total fan boy, but...... I have owned and still own a number of printers from many manufacturers, including Prusa and nothing comes close the UM printers for accuracy, print quality and repeatability. The reality is FDM by its very nature of melting plastic and extruding it on top of another layer of plastic will mean there are a level of variables which will always be present, different brands of filament, ambient temperatures etc etc, to get a FDM printer to be totally plug and play is just not possible, however you can get close and (for me) UM get by far the closest. When I owned the Prusa I would spend more time tweaking the printer than printing parts, which at first was fun but then just got annoying. Obviously the price point is different, but for me the UM printers offer as near as plug and play as you can get and once you know what you are doing and update profiles for different models and materials they are (for me anyway) as good as it will likely get for FDM. And as for accuracy and print quality, way way better than the Prusa for example (for me anyway). Still haven't got my glass plate though 😛😛......
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  3. I did the mistake of updating the Ultimaker S5 to version 5.2.11. Before I did that the printer was working perfectly with its original firmware. Now the printer fails auto level on first try most of the time. It always works when retrying though. The message I get is "Difference between detected height of both print cores exceeds realistic values."
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  4. Hab die Bestellung gerade abgeschickt 🙂
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  5. @3DPLAB I have heard before (somewhere here) that "command_util" does not work anymore for users other than "ultimaker", especially not as "root" (current firmware version). I don't know, if this was intended or not. If you log in as user "ultimaker" you will be redirected straight into a working "command_util" prompt.
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  6. Finally solved it. It's just some PHP syntax error. 'file' => "@$filedata" doesn't work for PHP7. Besides, this file must be a local file. There is no need to set CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER. CURLOPT_HEADER must be set as 0
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