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    Not sure what you mean by combing not working but it could be related to That already has a fix: https://github.com/Ultimaker/CuraEngine/pull/1099
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    First of all, the command_util script is a debug tool that Ultimaker uses internally and has no official support. This means that we don't test it every release and behaviour might change without notice. I haven't tried the root login for this in a long time so it is very well possible that's broken (from the dump it seems like a dbus access right is missing). The recommended way for starting the util_command is by logging in as ultimaker / ultimaker. This will immediately give you the command prompt. Or, when you are logged in as root you can do an: su ultimaker As mentioned above, before you can execute any G0 or G1 command the head is to be homed once: G28 X Y Z or short: G28 Having said all this, I don't know why you want to move the head, but the recommended procedure is to use the web API.
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