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    Your question starts out very reasonable, but I wonder what you wanted to achieve by adding the "(better)" there. It makes me want to answer with "you may want to get a different (better) printer". Cura supports printing over USB. Ultimaker does not offer support for it though. It may work, it may not. If it doesn't for your printer, Ultimaker is not going to fix it for you. Perhaps you can ask your printer manufacturer to contribute a fix. My personal advice would be to get a Raspberry Pi (model 3 or 3+) and install OctoPrint on it. Then you can use the OctoPrint Connection plugin to send the gcode to your printer, and your Mac will not have to stay connected to the printer during the print.
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    you could download and install xampp, it would be easier for you to start programming. https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html
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    I am sorry that I can't directly share my code with you due to the restrictions of our lab. You could try to start from posting a gcode file on windows cmd by curl. In my PHP code, I also use curl to send gcode file. You could refer to my previous post. For PHP7, it is: $data_array = array( 'jobname' => 'file', "file" => new \CURLFile($filedata) ); If you want develop a perfect website. You need to develop a PHP file for using Get, Put, Post to call the API. Then develop another PHP file to receive the file which is uploaded from the front-end. Next save the file to local (You don't really need this step, but I don't know how to skip it). Then upload this file from local to API by Post. For restricting the number of prints, you could use AJAX to get the real-time print process. If it's not Not Found, then disable the upload function. But I think if 3D printer starts printing, then keep uploading files won't make any changes.
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