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    This is a common problem and trivial to fix. It usually happens when someone picks up the printer and they squeeze a long belt too hard and it skips a tooth. Push the print head to the center of each of the 4 sides and pay attention to the side blocks and see if they stop at the same point or if one can keep moving. Also look straight down on the two rods that pass through the head and see if they visually don't look quite square. If either of these are true then it's easy to fix. Here is one description of how to fix it: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/19953-aligning-the-axles
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    Actually, I think what is happening is that the wall overlap compensation is enabled and because the wall is thin, the resulting 2nd wall contains very little filament. To stop the pointless travel set the minimum wall flow value to something like 50 (or even higher) and it should stop that pointless travel occuring.
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    Hast du das gleiche Teil schon mit einem anderen Slicer wie z.B. dem PrusaSlicer probiert?
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    What layer thickness are you printing this with? From what I have read elsewhere, using a single wall to calibrate flow rate is not a good measure. To check for proper calibration, print a calibration cube with infill and measure the resulting cube. AFAIK, to check for proper flow and bonding with a single wall, you want to focus on the finish of the surface and layer bond strength of a spiralized cylinder.
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    Wer dennoch was Spitzes drucken möchte, kann über Stützstrucktur machen. Winkel auf 80° eingeben. Wenn das Stütztmaterial zu klein ist, kann über "Horizontale Erweiterung der Stützstrucktur" und "Stütz Brim aktivieren" auf 1 oder mehr eingeben und gegebenfalls Stützdach aktivieren. Die Pfeilerfunktion hätte sowieso keine Bedeutung, da Spitze auf Spitze nicht funktionieren würde.
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