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    We really enjoy the mobile app notifications for started/completed/aborted print jobs in Cura. I recently noticed that there is even a notification for an improperly configured print job (wrong core/material). What we would REALLY like is a notification for a print job that has been paused for whatever reason - particularly jobs that have run out of material. This would be so helpful and it seems, to my naive mind, would be very simple to implement. Can this be done via 3rd party plugin now?
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    J'utilise très souvent des buses de 0.25 car je fais du modélisme ferroviaire au 1/160. Comme j'utilise de l'ABS, du PLA, du "imitation bois" et autre, elles finissent toutes par se boucher au bout de quelques dizaines ou centaines d'heures. Jusqu'à maintenant, je n'avais pas trouvé de méthode probante pour les nettoyer (solvants, micro chalumeau, ...) et puis aujourd'hui une idée: 1h15 à 500° durant le nettoyage du four par pyrolyse, suivi de 30mn dans un bain à ultra son (100w, 70°) et enfin un coup de soufflette (10 bars) ... et elles sont comme neuves. C'est peut-être une méthode déjà connue, mais je l'avait jamais vu décrite. Sur la photo, on voit nettement les 5 qui ont été traitées. 🙂
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    Adjust the Line Width by a a few hundredths of a mm up or down until you see the long gap vanish, for a start, and it will reduce the triangles size.
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    Maybe a combination of Per-Model-Settings and One-at-a-Time can help.
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    I fully support that notification feature request as I think it is one of the major events a user should know of (keyword "streamlining work flow" - it's annoying to loose time due to not realizing the printer requests user action).
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    Hello! As far as I know, you only have the choice between random, back and shortest z seam alignment. Shortest produces the seam you can see and you also tried random. Back means the seam is always on the backside of the part and you can rotate the part to align the seam with your preferred edge. As you have a round part, this is useless for you. So, the is nothing you can change as from my view. But maybe you could manually add your wished for function into the gcode, but that is not my expertise.
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