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    This now has almost all the stuff glued into the Desk. The pieces not glued are not present in the image. The wall also has the shield, ram's skull, manacles and antique style bone saws affixed. Now that these pieces are put together, I can see where to do some colour work to make these things 'pop' out a bit better without becoming a distraction. The desk is not glued down to the floor as I still have a bit more floor work to do and it will just be easier. I also will not have to worry about breaking things when I touch up the previously mentioned areas.
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    I think so, but I haven't tried it. The gcode flavour has nothing to do with firmware updates, but UM2 will probably never get a new firmware anymore. No I don't know, but should be configured in the material profile on the printer. If not then the printer calculates these values from your given printing temperature. Probably not possible, so switch to Marlin and set it in Cura. Yes Use and try the ones I posted, I think they should work, if not nothing bad happens.
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    Standard? Metric is standard in almost everywhere in the world. If you have models that were saved in inches, I've created a handy conversion tool; https://github.com/nallath/BarbarianPlugin/
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    Hi, in the material-settings for each material, there are two entries for material cost and spool weight, which have to be filled for EACH material you are using. Cura then tells the length of filament on the specified spool and the cost per meter. With these parameters set, the costing is displayed under the estimated print time. Regards
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    Have you checked the checkbox in Fusion during thread creating, that you want the thread in the body? By default the thread is shown (as reference) but not included in the body!
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    I actually figured this out prior you mentioning this but yes your exactly correct that was the issue. My motherboard was shot (j46 plug in) the little fan was not working at all. I had to repair my motherboard to solve this issue but your exactly right that was the issue was the ptfe coupler fan was not turning on. This ended up not being related to the Olsson ruby at all, as my printer has been printing perfectly for days now with the olsson ruby. Thanks so much I figured i should mention the solution for me, so anyone else that came across this issue this may help.
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