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    From the video filename on the Registration page, it looks like this news could involve the existing S5 model and a new product, the Ultimaker S3: http://images.3d.ultimaker.com/Web/UltimakerBV/{c7db3d3b-bb17-430d-8a81-e3b5fb9e635e}_S3_S5_Teaser_(1).mp4 Obviously no details other than a name and a silhouette, but could this be a smaller cousin of the S5? We'll soon see...
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    Don't forget that the whole idea dates back to 2013 or even earlier. Slicers didn't had so many advanced settings in the good old days and "Ultigcode" was an enhancement on top of the normal behavior of Marlin. In theory you can use the same gcode file for different types of material. Temperature, retraction settings and flow rate are handled according to the material settings on the machine. It was a pretty smart idea back then but the concept is a bit outdated, because slicing software is much more advanced nowadays (feature wise). There's a reason why Ultimaker itself doesn't use it anymore on more recent printer models. Yes, no problem - that's a good way to test things out. No, why do expect a problem? Besides the fact that Cura can be used to send firmware binaries to the printer, those two things are pretty unrelated to each other. You can use pretty much any available firmware version on the printer and feed it with gcode from pretty much any software that "speaks" Marlin. BTW: if you start "Marlin" gcode files from the sd-card, the printer will show an "override settings..." message. That's fine, it's just the indicator that the material settings on the printer are not used (which is exactly what you want). Just press "continue".
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    Hi all, I've published a new plugin in the Marketplace, available for Cura 4.0 (Beta). It allows you to search and import STL files from Thingiverse without having to go do the actual website. Functionality is limited now, but eager to hear feedback on what to add next. Note that this plugin was build in my spare time, it is not affiliated or sponsored by Ultimaker or Thingiverse. Chris
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    Hi.I try to find a software that convert g-code into stl or another file suitable for CAD but nothing to do.I need to elaborate mechanic structure whit FEM analysis (after infill etc.)Thx for any help!!
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    Superhero's never die... ** early "Mark2" dual print...
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    No one is ever really gone...
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    🤣🤣 These two guys popped into mind when I read that. I know...I know...I am old. This is a better pic. B.O.B is the one on the right....
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    I did say "usually" and "not ... complex". At best the object will lose all identity, it will just come back as a set of polygons. And, the shape can't have any attributes that STL doesn't know about. Depending on the precise format used there may also be precision problems introduced by using ASCII or single precision STL.
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