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  1. Hello Harry, is the filament stuck in the bowden or just in the hotend? I would remove the bowden on the printhead side and pull it back a little to be able to grab the filament where it goes into the printhead. Then use the menu option Maintenance -> Advanced -> Heatup Nozzle and heat up the nozzle to ~90°C for PLA and then pull it out firmly as you would do if you use the "Atomic Method" to clean the nozzle. Best regards, Reiner
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  2. If it is stuck in the Bowden tube and you are not able to get it out as Reiner described, you can also try to completely remove the Bowden with the filament and hold it under warm water. PLA gets soft at 60°C so your chances are higher that you will get it out.
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  3. Left side, and there is only left side for UM2+ https://www.igo3d.com/ultimaker-2plus-feeder Bondtech, just in case: https://www.3djake.uk/bondtech/extruder-ddg-kit-for-the-ultimaker-2 Did not find a UK-based shop.
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