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    @nallath and @Cuq, pls. find the feature request here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/6993
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    Thanks, good feedback! I'll share it with our developers.
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    Reporting back, that after a couple prints completed now, my material station and S5 are performing perfectly. Knowing what to expect for operation with the Material Station, so that I stopped shutting it down in a panic, has made things much better. The panic shut downs had made the problems even worse to get worked out. One more thought is that if the S5 display could say something useful like: "Material Station purge in process, Nozzle 1" , instead of the usual "Preparing to print" , Users would be less apt to panic. Use the screen to tell users more of what is going on with the machine please. Thank you all.
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    Hallo, nachfolgender Beitrag von letztem Mittwoch weist auf Leuchtstoffröhre als mögliche Ursache für Sensor-Störungen hin: Grüße
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    The feature request on Github is here: https://github.com/Ghostkeeper/SettingsGuide/issues/12 I'll continue conversation there.
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    Hi all, Thank you for the pics, same here.Solved by soldering the cable back to the connector. Tomi
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    Yea, but it should be easy to implement a rolling log with a user definable fix size, isn't it? The technic is used since decades where space was a rare asset. Maybe a simple future add-on for Cura development team and at least helps to play with resources nicely instead of consuming only. I like this request. 😊
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    Ja meint er. Da gibts dann einen PLAY Button, da kannst du dann das Hotend von den Bewegungen her ablaufen lassen und siehst somit wie er wann und wo fährt.
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    tbh: I don't remember such things.... should i? Do you have a link or some more details? @tinkergnome Page 3 of this thread. https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/15939-tinker-firmware-introduction/page/3/
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    Hi guys, I do not expect anyone to run into this problem, but wanted to share it anyway. Today I was repairing a printer of one of our customers, they build lettering for advertising. Their conductive sensor did not work anymore. After having ruled out everything and even having installed a new sensor I dissassembled the printing head looking for anything in the head responsible for the interference. Also this yielded no result, I was out of ideas, but just when I was about to give up and take the printer back for even more elaborate research I noticed a neon light behind the printer. What turned out the high frequency transformator that powers this neon lighting caused for interference. We turned of the lighting and all of a sudden everything worked perfectly again. So don't put neon lighting next to your printer😋.I do not expect it to help anyone since it is so specific, but I wanted to share it anyway. Kind regards, Job van Gennip
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    Hence the gently, but yeah if necessary you might have to ope the Bowden tubes there too. @D95 The ER54's most likely reason is that the filament tip was not making it trough the decoupler or into the S5 feeder caused by being slightly bent or cut of flat. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52941-filament-loading-unsuccessful-er54 We will definitely be working on makeing guides to get you out of the material station errors. And indeed in the current solution where you are forced to solve the problem and then reboot the printer is not user friendly. Indeed, the moving back and forth is combined with retractions that combined cause the filament to fall off, as a programmer I would have preferred the bucket and flap solution. I too have thought of printing a collection bucket 😁 but this may act as support for the material then causing it not to fall off. The amount of filament purged is about twice the volume that is liquid(ish) inside the core so this ensures fresh material will be used in the print, this is actually super useful with materials that degrade faster. We will be making the purge less in the future as well. It also looks like more when extruded trough a 0.4 mm nozzle. I realise that hearing about future plans does not help you now and they may never be realized, however maybe it helps to know that we know these issues will need to be improved upon. Thanks for the feedback! Don't hesitate to ask questions or share your experiences. We can use that to inform decisions about which bits to work on next. P.S: We do have a long history of apparently useless wiggles, such as the "useless" move at the start of the print which resets the print head switch to a known state. P.P.S: We also have a history of blocking errors that require a reboot to clear, I'm happy that they did not previously show up often and am sorry if they are a bit more prevalent now.
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    Importing "cryptography" should work. We use the library with imports like this: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Uranium/blob/038fb7286ba9418537581ea4b36342e58ac252c8/UM/Trust.py#L9-L14
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    Talking about copper plating... just did my door knocker today!!! Fresh solution which is why its so shiny! Lots of photos for the curious. This was from a scan i made from photos on a trip to barcelona. No real cleanup.will age it. Will look much better then all green and rustic. Just used a nail off my pin head and dremmeled the top off. No tutorials from me im afraid. Not yet. I havent seen any complete ones online, it takes many stages. ...i just read what i wrote and it doesnt make any sense. Its late and im tired and probably poisoned a bit. This plating solution is not doing my throat any favours. I really shouldnt be doing this indoors and unmasked. My throat stung badly for about two hours. I realised (and yet i keep doing it again and again!) as i was looking at it plate, i was leaning directly over the acid bath inhaling the fumes in sheer amazement! Lovely, not. Ill never learn. Night night. Hope i wake up! Lol.
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    I don't understand why you're complaining, it was just a hint that your Cura version is 5 years old and no longer supported. Unfortunately, there are always people who buy a Chinese printer, get a very old software there and then expect an excellent support here in the forum, because they don't get it in China from the manufacturer. But even if you won't believe it, we give this support here gladly and often, no matter which printer. But as so often in life it depends on the way you behave. It's up to you, but I think we'll live with your decision. Have a nice day!
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    This is quite an important feature in an educational environment (such as a university). Surely the Ultimaker designers can introduce basic password protection into the network/wifi connection. Is there any plans to implement some form of network security?
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    Version 1.0


    First print with HD glass is superb!
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