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    That's a serious shortcoming on the Ultimaker side. There should be a sensor for this in a machine that sells at this price point - or it shouldn't be able to happen in the first place. I would contact your reseller and ask for free replacement print cores, as it is not your fault that the fan shroud comes loose during a print and that can actually ruin a print core.
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    Sadly it failed. Have no idea why. I need to hit up some time lapse forums. Instead of 14000 photos. I have 1 folder of 0001-2170 and another folder of 8999-9999 so upset and gutted. It would have looked so cool. Either way ill speed up what I got but the magic happens at the start. Last frame. I don't even have the first..... what a dumb system. I've been f-ing and blinding for the past 30 mins. So annoyed. Oh well. Bugger.... Hold up... its weird... I actually think I have it somehow? But 1 photo every 15 secs is 4 per min and thats 240 per hour......for 15 hours....thats 3600, I'm such an idiot. I some how calculated 900 photos per minute and expected to find like 14000? Whatever it worked!!!! Yay! Don't think the last few hours added anything but I guess ill find out. First photo, after acid (re-positioned and de-focused a touch as predicted) photo, and last photo. Video will be tomorrow. I'm working at 5am tomoz!
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    Hallo, ich habe diese Woche meine Material Station bekommen und Sie funktioniert, Cura funktioniert auch mit der Auwahl der Entsprechenden Filaments. 🙂
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    Hi, as the printheads of the S5 and the UM3 are NEARLY the same, the following two youtube-videos by @fbrc8-erin might help you: and If the fan bracket has the right position, the -realy strong- magnets should have enough power to hold it securely and reliably in place. Regards
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    You mean that it happens when you start the build plate calibration, at the first step? That's normal and intended behaviour. Use the menu wheel to adjust the rear position and the thumbscrews for the front left/right position.
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    I think there is a problem in your model. It also does not register at my pc. I found that it is super easy to "break" a model in sketchup by for example moving part of your model through itself. I would recommend using a different software if your main goal is 3D printing. Try tinkercad (easier) or fusion 360 (more complex)
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    Could you make a picture exactly from the front of the printer head. I am curious if your bracket still alines correctly? I would also contact your reseller.
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    Well here it is with build chamber temp set to 50° C, Turned out awesome! I'm not going to print a bad one for the sake of showing what warping I had seeing that these take 20 Hrs. and $7.91. But if you imaging, the flat side is the side that is on the build surface, and that very minor bowing you see was way more pronounced with default build chamber temperatures. There was a dishing effect going on, when there was too much fan running. The air manager works like a champ, couldn't be happier.
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    50C air temp is pushing the limits where you might damage something. I'm not sure what the specification is for maximum air temp. If your ABS part isn't sticking well you certainly don't need an air manager at all as I've printed ABS even on a UMO. Raising the air temp is definitely a big help to getting parts to stick but it should only be one tool in your arsenal of tools. Here's a video where I describe all the tricks to get parts to stick well and not just *what* to do but *why*. Yes it's a long video (I edited it down a lot) but hopefully you'll learn a few key details:
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    When I enable the prime tower in 4.4.1 it is shrinking the build volume by several mms around the entire perimeter of the build plate (grey shadow). I don't see where I can adjust this setting to stop this from happening or why this would be necessary given the placement of of the tower I set. If the perimeter on the right is good, why does Cura shrink the build area in front, back, and left? Using ooze shield with 2mm separation still works just fine on this project. Any suggestions would be welcomed. I built the part to fit to maximize the plate and I may be able to rotate this project slightly, but this doesn't seem to make any sense.
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    A small new years gift for the tech savvy out there, with an Ultimaker S5 or S3. A patch with layer count/total below the time remaining. NOTE: this is not coming from Ultimaker officially, this could brick/break your printer, no guarantee is given on these steps or this file, while this is likely to work with a bunch of versions I've only tested with newer than the recent release. And if there are any complaint I'll of-course remove this immediately. Steps to enable: enable developer mode. in config -> settings -> Developer mode login via ssh or putty as root, the password is "ultimaker" (if this is new to you then maybe don't try this). Run: wget http://robin.den-hertog.org/patch.sh Run: bash patch.sh The printer should then reboot. If it doesn't reboot then it's likely the patch failed to apply, maybe you need to update to newer firmware, You don't have an S5 or S3 or I made a booboo, let me know 😅. I strongly advice you to turn developer mode off again, it makes the printer very unsafe! Then While printing you should see something like this:
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    Ultimaker only provides profiles for officially supported combinations, which is pretty limited, but you can use the CC0.6 perfectly on the Ultimaker 3 , or with many non supported materials. The easiest is usually to select a 0.4 profile (with the AA0.4 selected as core) for the material you want to use, and change the line width to 0.6 (or just below 0.6 as Ultimaker would do it), depending on the material and speed you may also need to slightly change the printing temperature and do a few test prints, but usually the 0.4 profile is a pretty good starting point. Be aware that if you want to use the CC0.6 in the Ultimaker 3 , that the feeder is not made for abrasive materials and may wear out. You can solve this f.e. by upgrading to bondtech feeders.
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