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    If you email support, they will walk you through how to do maintenance and repairs yourself. That is always faster. We just don't want you to accidently make things worse. Personally, I'd love a way to actually vacuum away debris vs low it everywhere inside. https://ultimakernasupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
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    You don't have to convert a ZIP file, it is just a compressed archive of one or more files. So you just have to unpack the ZIP file and then you get the STL files or whatever in this archive is included. I am not a Windows user, but as far as I know, windows can unpack (unzip) Zip files without a special tool, just double click it in the explorer window or do a right click on the zip file and select unpack from the context menu.
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    It's from Eclipson - https://www.eclipson-airplanes.com/modelt I just tried disabling union overlapping volumes and it had no effect on the model. At the risk of being an askhole (a person that asks for advice and then doesn't follow it) I went ahead and started a print figuring if it wasn't working I would just abort it and so far it looks to be working! My guess for the green that gr5 was seeing was Cura not being sure what to do with thin walls and the reason it was not showing up in the middle section is that the skin is thicker there to act as a box spar. Thank you both for your expertise and thoughts!
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    Hi Deciding to use grease on the rods is also a bad idea ..... I have data on this 😞 Data was from a UM3, but I'd bet the same applies to an S5. Bob
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    Man, it's confusing, fieldOfView on github is ahoeben here and burtoogle here is smartavionics on github. Who are these people? Anyway, thanks for the hint, I'll have a play with that tomorrow.
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    Hi Ok, the rest of the info on the "magic" PCB and clips: The main circuit board in the Material Station is held in place with a bunch of plastic "clips". The bottom of the printed circuit board has plated contact areas on it. There are spring loaded contacts on the assemblies below the PCB. If the clips come loose, no more spring force on the contacts and no more function from those assemblies. The board is roughly as long as the Material Station is wide. ( = it's. a pretty long board ) It's not going to take a lot of nonsense (twist / bump / shake) in shipping to get a clip started loose. Once one comes off, I suspect you will get a "cascade failure" of the others. Fixing the issue is likely a one time thing (we'll see) and it takes < 10 minutes. The worst part by far is lifting the S5 off of the Material Station to get at it. At least in my case, the feeder process *did* work fine "as delivered" the clip finally let go far enough well after things were set up and prints had been run. What if it keeps happening? A couple very carefully placed gob's of electronic grade RTV would lock those clips in place pretty much forever. If you need to disassemble, the RTV will peal off. Yes, that would be more of a hassle than the current approach. Bob
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