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  1. Salut, Voici la version que j'imprime. C'est basé sur le modèle PRUSA rc3 et j'ai modifié pour la fixation d'un élastique 3M avec des clips à pressions. J'imprime en filament Colorfabb HT ce qui permet de faire une pièce que l'on peux passer dans l'eau bouillante. J'ai fais des test avec l'élastique il tient bien à la chaleur aussi. j'arrive à en sortir 10 par jour. j'ai des demandes dans mon village pharmacie centre d'analyse infirmière...
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  2. Hi Blizz, Right you are.. 265 % more E step. Your UM2+ use E369: So your new setting will be 369*2.65=977.85 ~ 978 New E step is 978. Send this string to you printer: M92 E978 (CR return) M500 (CR return) Printer will respond "stored" That's all. Good luck. Torgeir
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  3. Hi, When the UM3 came to market with it's hot-swappable print-cores I was eagerly waiting for the first custom functionality through print cores, but it appears not much has happened yet. I finally had a good project to justify spending some time to build a vinyl cutter core. We took apart an off the shelf Roland Blade holder that turned out to have all kinds of interesting bits and pieces and combined it with an Ultimaker core using a printed adapter: The plan is to use it in combination with the SVGToolpathReader Cura plugin. It has some advantages over traditional roller plotters especially when dealing with sensitive materials. Of course this could also be extended to bring back the pen plotter. We are still working through some last issues (mostly involved with tricking the printer) and hope to have first cuts this week. Would anyone be interested in this solution? I am planning to release the models on Youmagine. Would anyone be interested in buying pre-assembled units if it is a plug-and-play solution? Regards, Joris
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