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    The display properties of Cura must be intended for people with really, really big monitors. The scroll bars for that form are hidden/nearly invisible. If you get right on the right edge of the window with the Ultimaker printers in it, you can eventually get the scroll bars to appear. I'll try to get a screen grab off my other machine and post up. Once you get the scroll bars to move, all the printers show up like you would expect.
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    I have a file that i'm using on two other machines and it's printing fine. When I print on number 3 printer i'm getting a message. Your Model is not manifold. The highlighted areas indicate either missing or extraneous surface. What do i do? I cant find anything on this subject. Could it be something with the software that i dont have set right? Thanks faceshield_inch_units.gcode
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    You have to slide your mouse right along the right edge of the box until you can see the slider. Once you know it's there, it isn't a big deal - and this works on other menu objects in Cura as well.
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    After disconnect and connecting printhead cable, printer works again. Thanks
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    Hi mnswamp did you resolve not being able to add a custom printer I’ve downloaded version 4.6.0. And 4.6.1 and again only Ultimaker printers in the add printer list no option to add custom printer or the fff one as per the user guide ?
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    Ultimaker2Marlin is for the Ultimaker 2, UM2.1-Firmware is for the Ultimaker 2+.
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    Couple photos for now.
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    A 4.6.1 patch release is live which fixes some bugs found in the 4.6.0 release: Z seam placement. Changes to the Simplify() algorithm in 4.6.0 caused Z seam placement issues, which resulted in less-than-perfect results. This has been fixed. Ender 3 Pro nozzles missing. A lot of issue reports came in about nozzles missing for this machine definition, so we made a fix to stop this happening. We recommend using 4.6.1 now. Download it here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/releases/tag/4.6.1
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    I'm Facing the same issue. "Your Model is not manifold" I think this issue has started only after i Updated to Cura 4.6 Somebody please suggest what to do.
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    My absolute hero! That did it 🙂 And now I now I can find additional settings that don't typically appear in the options list, so thanks for that. And thanks for replying to both my posts asking the same thing! I'll be back to printing properly soon. 🙂
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    Check the "Support Wall Line Count" setting. Use the "search" box on top of the custom settings. Try setting it to 0.
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    Seems to work for me using Python 3.5.2, are you able to try that?
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    Can you try "Activating" one of the other printers using the Activate button? Do the other printers have "Machine Setting" button once they are activated?
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    I am a designer for Cornell Pump Company in Portland, OR USA and we recently purchased a Ultimaker S5 Pro bundle to use for rapid prototyping of enclosures for a new IIOT device we are creating. We are printing exclusively in poly-carbonate in order to make functional prototypes that we are then subjecting to tests. Once we have nailed down our form factor and design we will switch to plastic mold injection for production runs, but the S5 has been great for rapid iterations of the design. One of our tests involved a hexagonal part with a 3/8-16 grade 5 bolt passing through the base, we then encapsulated the bolt head in epoxy and applied torque to the assembly to see at what point either the printed housing or the epoxy would fail. On one test the housing and epoxy failed at 40 ft/lbs and on the other test the bolt actually sheared in half at 37 ft/lbs.... but the housing and epoxy showed no visible damage. Needless to say we are very pleased at the mechanical properties we are achieving with the prints and the Ultimaker poly-carbonate material. Thank you, Johnny Rodriguez
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    I guess you will have to wait until the Cura devs introduce the functionality the TweakAtZ plugin had, i.e. to change a certain setting like the fan speed at a certain height. This should imo be part of the Curaengine, including the possibility to change the layer height at a certain height as e.g. Simplify3D allows for.
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