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    G1 F200 E20 G1 E-2 because the e-axis moves (slowly) from E=20 to E=-2 (22mm backwards) Those are absolute coordinates like set with M82 a few lines above. Here is a quite comprehensive gcode overview: https://reprap.org/wiki/G-code
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    you were right that the model has flaws: the cylinder had 2 vertices inside out and the thread is not a solid. Combining the solid thread and the cylinder will print fine in Cura part7b.stl
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    Bonjour, Merci , j'avais commencé a le faire plus ou moins, mais entoiler du PLA semble être un travail d'artisan qualifié 🤣 Au niveau du poids avec le PLA ça passe largement, j'ai fait les caractéristiques aérodynamiques en tenant compte de la masse avec la construction en PLA . Je vais tester avec le réglage ChangeAtZ ou la technique de CHEP , si ça ne marche pas je me redirigerai vers l'entoilage
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    @DivingDuck, your issue should be fixed in this version. Update: Use the version in the Marketplace instead! The configuration should no longer get corrupted by my plugin. Even better, if your Cura configuration was "corrupt", applying the optimization should uncorrupt it. Finally if the configuration ever gets corrupted because of another reason, the plugin now adds a second button which lets you remove just the affected files instead of nuking the whole configuration:
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    I am still struggling to get my first layer down when there are small details. And today noticed that it all seems to go wrong during 'travel' moves.. I know there is a lot of new functionaltiy to slow down the first layer, but thats just the print speed.. Is there a feature (or plugin) that would allow me to use a slow travel speed on the first layer? Jon
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    You have to go in the "Advanced" tab. There is a "bottom layer speed" parameter. No plugin needed.
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