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    DXU profiles are now included in Cura 4.6 by default. The profiles in 4.6 is pretty much the same as the one on Github for 4.5. One for single nozzle print and one for dual nozzle print. The postprocessing script is no longer needed.
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    While I don't have all the bugs worked out yet, I will post shortly what I have and am working with. Couple of the features/capabilities I am working on Am able to use 3.00, 2.85 and 1.75 filaments with the stock All Metal Hex Hot End Have a few different slice profiles for a few materials Have profiles for some different nozzle diameters as well
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    Highly interested in this thread for a few reasons: 1. Like you, Twlum, we use both Lulzbot (mini2, Taz6) and Ulitmaker (S5 Pro), and streamlining to a single slicer would be nice to clean up process flow. 2. Since Lulzbot is on the rocks, I don't forsee continued development of Cura LE. 3. I'd like to be able to use the plugins available for Cura while slicing for the Lulzbots. Please keep us posted on cross-compatibility development.
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    I think I figured it out. Cura 4.0.0 now has a new feature where you can select different number of cooling fans. I looked at the gcode exported from cura 3.4.1 and the gcode from cura 4.0.0. I noticed the M106 command was exported as M106 S255 P1. I compared this to the gcode exported from cura 3.4.1 which just had M106 S255. I first tried to modify the gcode to have M106 S255 P0, AND THAT WORKED Later in my investigation I noticed in the "Machine Settings" under "Extruder 1", there is a new setting called "Cooling Fan Number", by default it was set to 1, hence the "P1" reference in the gcode. Change the option under "Cooling Fan Number" from 1 to 0. After that I saw cura exported the gcode as before M106 S255. I popped in sd card and it seemed to solve my issue. I am sure maybe in the Marlin configuration you could change the fan number as well but this seemed to fix my issue. Hope this helps!
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    Hello @Zbyszko, you don't provide any details of your settings so I have to guess that it is underextrusion following a long travel. To cure that, set combing mode to no skin and the max distance without retract to 10. Hope this helps.
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