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    As an aside to the people overlooking this site....that 'download file' should alert you that you are not downloading the actual printing file, but pics.
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    I have used this concept before when printing large overhangs. It was based on an idea of another user, but I forgot his name (might have been smartavionics?). It works very well, even with only a few connecting strands. My strands were 1mm long, 0.5mm wide, and 0.2mm high (=2 layers of 0.1mm). Inverted triangles to generate support do not work well for small layer-heights of 0.1mm: they tend to curl up too much. Inverted staircases (1mm steps) worked better for me. See the pics. So, depending on the design, this method can be very usefull. Inverted triangles curl up too much. Basic concept: Long bridge with hanging support, so the text below does not get damaged by the supports. All plates are 1mm thick in this test. The little ribs on top of the support are 0.5mm wide, separated 1mm. The result. The supports can easily be removed, and they do very little damage to the walls.
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    hi it is very cool i think everyone wants to try it but no 3d sketch available can you share it but it is awesome
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    Magnifique ! comme d'habitude, tu es un vrai artiste. Bravo.
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    Dude!!! You are one seriously engaged puppy to do this!! Way cool!!
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