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    Based on the photos, screen shots, and settings, I'd recommend increasing your support horizontal expansion. It's going to use more PVA (which is expensive as mentioned), but the part with the eyes will stick better if it's attached to the part under the chin. I also usually use a PVA brim for prints with PVA supports.
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    I have noticed that on a 2 color file that the 1st color swap that it does not go to the prime tower and purge the 1st color. It works fantastic on the 2nd swap and on. I have to add a brim large enough to purge all the old color out or it will contaminate the other color on the 1st swap. Has anyone else noticed this problem? This may be specific to a 2 in and one out nozzle. This is on a Creality CR-X.
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    prime tower is probably the best solution as smithy says. Why ABS? That's not really the best material for any application I know of. If you want strength, ABS is no stronger than PLA. If you want high temperature consider PETG.
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    Based on the wrinkle you can see in the panel in the back left corner, the top panel definitely needs to be replaced. It's possible that replacing the top panel and loosening the side panel screws will be enough to get the front panel sitting flat again, but I can't guarantee it based on the photos. It's possible the front panel is no longer square; you could take a right angle tool to the top and check it out. Your reseller probably doesn't have the parts in stock, but if you reach out to them, they should be able to order them.
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    It is a dual color print, so have enabled the prime tower? Cannot see it. I guess it is the standby nozzle which oozes a little bit. Another idea is to turn off combing, I had similar issues with PETG and a similar object like yours and turning off combing helped. Not completely but it was a way better.
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    I also think that you have somewhere a problem, and this is not the extruder. So check carefully the advice from conny_g, otherwise, it will not help if you replace the gear, it will again wear out.
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    Never heard of extruder motors dying. I bet the root cause is somewhere else. Worn bowden tube, bad / jammed nozzle, bad part in the print head. Or simply too much motor current so it overheats, ...
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