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    Wellcome in here Bpositivedotdk, Sorry but you cannot use the old "original" feeder stepper motor (from an UM2) as a replacement for x or y axis. This is because x and y axis use a 200 step/rev stepper motor and your old feeder stepper motor has 400 step/rev. Thanks Torgeir
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    Did you print this in PLA or a higher temp material? Because if it's a higher temp material there's a lot more you can do (you may have bad layer adhesion). 1) Well in the "hook" end of the tab where it gets thicker now, you could make that thinner so the tab doesn't have to flex as much. 2) You should make it thicker at the base where the most force is and have it thin gradually to just before the hook. The idea is instead of having all of the flexure at the base, you want all of the tab to flex equally - equal strain everywhere. The exact calculation I don't know but at least make it thicker at the base of the tab and thinner at the top. You are doing two things here - making it thicker where it is most likely to break and making it thinner where it is less likely to break so it flexes more there. 3) You can also make the tab wider at the base potentially and narrower at the tab. This might not be practical or too much work in cad. 4) Look at other materials. For example "tough" pla aka TPLA is designed exactly for this kind of thing. Many plastics are slightly more flexible without being weaker. The parameter you care about is best described by the "modulus" or the "young's modulus". Google any material and "modulus" to get the mechanical characteristics. All venders publish the modulus but pretty much all nylons are similar and all pla's are similar and so on. Here's a chart showing some materials - modulus is the horizontal axis: https://gr5.org/mat/
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    Hi, you did it. That was the issue. They were not really pinched (black/white) , but they have moved to the mid close to the sensor plate crossing it at the edge. Moving them back to the left side as far as possible fixed the issue. Thank you so much...
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