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    It is important to reinstall the later versions. What Microsoft means by “compatible” is that they are backwards compatible. This means that the classes and functions that existed in the older versions still work the same way and thus older programs can work with them. However, a newer program can use things added in the later versions. If a program does not use anything newer, you’re OK. But if it does, it will crash when it tries to use that functionality. You may have researched a lot about it...I’ve been programming in Windows since V3.0, with over 10 years of that being at Microsoft.
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    looking in the drawing of the Ultimaker3 (same feeder) the item number is 1279. normally you can order any part at an ultimaker reseller, but I'm not sure in this case as the spare parts books of UM2+ and UM3 only mention the complete feeder assembly, but ask your reseller anyway, they can probably order it. Otherwise it seems like a part you could possibly find in a good hardware store...
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