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  1. Changing a username is not possible at this moment unfortunately.
  2. Nice prints! Did you know you can also share print details in a little info card?
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  4. You're welcome! We fixed that today and also the edit profile / change settings bug. Users are now able to change settings and edit their profile again.
  5. Issue found, in Safari it somehow strips the #unread marker out of the URL. Will have that fixed as soon as possible.
  6. You're welcome thanks to community feedback we were able to improve it.
  7. @reibuehl, fixed your username for you We continue to look into the email issues.
  8. #1 noted, #2, could you make a screenshot to show what you mean? If album uploads still aren't working, please email @SandervG directly with the screenshot
  9. Hi @jonnybischof @ultiarjan @blizz @coen @titus and others, Our apologies for the inconvenience caused by the email sent out with a link to one of our development sites. While we were testing (one of many) new functionalities a few emails were sent out to approximately 30 users. This should not have happened. @sandervG will send an email following the notification. The good news of this all is that this week we will start beta testing and next week we will go live with several awesome improvements (including email notifications). Stay tuned!
  10. Thank you for giving us valuable feedback. Could you explain in a bit more detail what's wrong with mobile use? For example which mobile you use and which browser, and which pages are not working properly? Thanks for the help
  11. Some really nice features are coming up real soon, and after that we will continue to develop new features based on user feedback
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