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  1. @UltiLolle: Vielen Dank für das positive Feedback! Das freut mich total :-) Wir gucken mal, dass wir möglichst viele Fotos machen und die Messe Erfurt wird die Vortärge auch aufzeichnen und bei YouTube zur Verfügung stellen! Einen Blogpost findest du dann hier: http://hypecask.com/blog/ Ausserdem sind auf jeden Fall noch ein paar Leute von heise.de/c't/Harware Hacks dabei - da wird es also auch Zusammenfassungen geben. Ich halte euch hier auf dem Laufenden Bis dahin! Florian
  2. Hallo ihr Lieben! Ich wollte im deutschen Subforum kurz noch mal auf das Event FabCon 3.D in der wunderschönen mitteldeutschen Stadt Erfurt hinweisen. Ian Spring hatte es bereits bei Events angekündigt: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/5173-germanys-biggest-dedicated-3d-print-fair-fabcon-is-kicking-off-in-a-little-more-than-a-month/?p=50326 Hier noch mal auf Deutsch: Ich würde mich sehr freuen einige von euch nächste Woche vor Ort kennenzulernen. Es wird ein riesiges Fest für den 3D-Druck. Neben fast allen großen Herstellern (inkl. Ultimaker vertreten durch iGo3D) sind auch eine Vielzahl von innovativen Firmen aus dem Software und Materialbereich vertreten. Als Hauptattraktion gibt es dann noch das 3-tägige Vortragsprogramm oben drauf mit solchen Größen wie Josef Prusa, Joris van Tubergen & Martine de Wit (3D Canal House), Filemon Schoffer (3Dhubs.com), David Braam (Cura yeah!), Roland Littwin (repetier.com), Gina Häußge (octoprint.org) und viele mehr! Das Programm findet ihr als PDF hier: http://www.fabcon-germany.com/no_cache/vortragsprogramm/download.html?cid=6305&did=4740&sechash=3e626d3f Gerade am Samstag könnte das doch ein toller Städtetrip für den ein oder die andere sein :wink: Bis dahin: Happy printing! Florian
  3. Hahaha Ian - you're the best. Thanks so much for mentioning this - it's really a shame that I more or less wrote my personal diary on the Ultimaker community, 3d-printing in general and all the other fun stuff and didn't present it to my home community yet. I hope you did find yourself in the "Danksagungen" (Credits?, page 8) as well as the feature of your garden model for your girl in chapter 1. Did you try the Augment feature? To Richard: Without hyping it too much... I think it's currently the most complete and hands-on book available. The feedback I'm getting is crazily good and pay back a little for the last 6 months laying behind me :wink: Feel free to browse the index on the official page of the publisher: http://www.hanser-fachbuch.de/buch/3D+Druck+fuer+alle/9783446436985 It's for beginners covering everything from "what's 3d-printing?", "how to create content", different 3d-printing techniques, service providers, "how to buy your own machine", slicing 101 everything spiced up with tons of practical lessons and my experience from the last 3 years. I really hope it helps beginners and still has a good value for people who are with us for 2-3 years already. Ah, here's a cheesy image with some of the community feedback: Take care & let me know if there are any more questions! //Flo
  4. Hallo allerseits, bin gerade über den Thread gestolpert und kann in eigener Sache anbieten mal in unserem Shop http://3dreamfactory.com vorbeizugucken. Wir haben hautpsächlich das colorFabb Material, aber auch Laywood, Laybrick (500g Packungen!), taulman Nylon, sowie diverse Orbitech Filamente vorrätig. Das schöne: Versand ist ab zwei Rollen/Packungen immer kostenlos. Bezahlung per Vorkasse oder bequem über Paypal. Zu colorFabb gibt es nicht viel zu sagen: Aus meiner Sicht eines der Top3 Filamente der Welt. Faberdashery in UK, Diamond Age in NZ und halt colorFabb in NL. Alle anderen sind mehr um ihren Profit bemüht, als um einen durchgängigen Durchmesser ;-) Happy printing! Flo
  5. Where can I buy the full record? OMG - I'm shitting myself. This is so cool I'm going to repost this on the FabCon Facebook right away. Legendary... Cheers Flo
  6. In aller Kürze: - 03.08: Mini Maker Faire Hannover (organisiert durch heise.de / hardware hacks): - 24.08: Maker Treffen Hamburg (orga: attraktor Hamburg), - 3-6.10. Maker Faire Rome, siehe Website: http://www.makerfairerome.eu/en/ Gruss Flo
  7. Sehr schöner Artikel! Die Farbkosten sind glaube ich für viele zu hoch - aber das Ergebnis sieht super aus Werde das beim nächsten Ultimaker auf jeden Fall probieren. Gruss Florian
  8. What kind of pot you got up there in Leipzig? Fun aside: Sometimes it's crazy how attached you get to a great print. Take care Ian! Flo
  9. Hey everybody! Thanks for the wonderful feedback - we had such a great time with all you you. Next time we do it even bigger and better. Just a quick update: I'm starting to upload the videos. It's a REAL mess... large files and super crappy sound from my GoPro camera. But probably it will help the one or the other. I keep you posted on it. Feedback so far: - Presentations in English only. - Better recording - Larger booth and more staff for Ultimaking ;-) (not really in our power) Take care and talk to you soon Flo
  10. Cross-post from the mailing-list: Hey everybody, FabCon 3.D is almost there! Coming week (Tuesday & Wednesday, 14/15. May) Erfurt will be the center of the European 3d-printing universe All major printer companies are on-site (Ultimaking *yeah*, MakerBot, GRRF, Alphacam, fabbster, etc.), but also new startups will present their latest and greatest gadgets (Kühling & Kühling, Shapeking, etc.). But even more important to this community is the speaker line-up: Come to FabCon to meet... Bernhard Kubicek Ian Spring Joris van Tubergen Harma Woldhuis Alexander Oster Mark Moissette The guys & girls from PPP Kai Parthy (the creator of Laywood filament) etc... Full program here: http://www.fabcon-germany.com/en/conference-programm.html Everybody is happily invited to join Harma at the Ultimaker community booth! Bring your own Ultimaker, show other how awesome our favorite printer is and get some free filament from Harma as a thank you gift. I will also bring my own (portable) Ultimaker - everybody who's familiar with the machine is welcome to operate it as well at the Ultimaker booth. Looking forward to meet some of you! We try to keep you posted through Facebook and Google+. Take care Florian Personal Google+: florian.hcask.com FabCon Google+: https://plus.google.com/107646804080250177587/posts FabCon Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Fabcon3d?hc_location=stream
  11. Hallo allerseits Ganz kurz nochmal zur Erinnerung: Dienstag und Mittwoch (14/15. Mai) findet in Erfurt die "FabCon 3.D" statt. Neben Ultimaking sind auch viele andere Branchengroessen vor Ort. Aber es gibt auch ein interessantes Vortragsprogramm mit vielen Leuten die euch aus der Ultimaker Community bekannt vorkommen sollten: Bernhard Kubicek Ian Spring Joris van Tubergen Harma Woldhuis Alexander Oster Mark Moissette The guys & girls from PPP Kai Parthy (the creator of Laywood filament) Komplettes Programm hier: http://www.fabcon-germany.com/vortragsprogramm.html Wichtig: Jeder der will kann seinen Ultimaker mitbringen und bei Harma am Stand anderen Besuchern vorfuehren. Harma wird auch mit Gratisfilament versorgen Auch mein eigener Ultimaker ist vor Ort und kann von euch gerne (sorgsam) betrieben werden. Ich wuerde mich sehr freuen den ein oder andern von euch in Erfurt zu treffen! Alle Infos findet ihr hier: http://www.fabcon-germany.com Beste Gruesse Florian
  12. Absolutely, manual mail registration would do the job for now. Everything else doesn't seem good enough. For the future we need a very capable guy who tweaks the phpbb stuff or we need to a better forum software. Please chime in if any of you guys got experiences with IP.board as well. For anybody who used it, it's obviously the very best you can get. There's of course a converter which moves over all the old content (except the spam of course) to the new forum: http://community.invisionpower.com/file ... onverters/ It would be the ultimate solution for Ultimaking. There's a even a feature to offer users the possibility to run a small blog within the forum to document their printing adventures ( http://www.invisionpower.com/apps/downloads/ ). Depending on the administrative effort UM wants to put in there's a $175 self-host version or nice plans depending on active users, if you want to leave the admin work to devs of the software. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT HAVE ANY AFFILIATIONS WITH THESE GUYS. I'm just convinced that it's the right way to move on for UM, based on the superb job it's doing for the OpenPilot.org community. It's even thinkable that we could close down the mailing list when on this software, because the "push notification" settings, subscription and PM possibilities are so much better than anything in phpbb. @Erik, Alexander, Ian, Daid (& anybody else interested in this matter ): PLEASE check it out and think about it.
  13. Something needs to be done and that consists in my eyes of three major changes: a) Moving to a more capable and future-proof forum backend: IP.board --> http://www.invisionpower.com/apps/board/ b) Discuss in a small team how the categories should look like and reorganize them. c) Appointing at least three capable moderators (additionally to Ian). Regarding a)... I'm a big fan of the openpilot flight controller project. And I've never ever seen a better forum software than what they're using. It might be commercial, but totally worth every penny you put in. They way you're able to quote, write PMs, give awards to users, having a proper smartphone app, no spam, etc. is just killer. Check out their forums for reference (currently featuring this crazy orange Halloween theme): http://forum.openpilot.org/
  14. Thanks Leigh for joining the forums and shedding some light on the initial confusion Hope that my pledge to your project is well invested.
  15. Hey there, just wanted to share some photos and videos from 3DPrintShow in Lodon. It was a blast to be there with Paul Candler, Erik & Martijn! Here you can find some photos from the event: https://plus.google.com/116416453568555 ... 7X324FpgKQ Here's a nice gallery of the competition test part we've printed during the conference. It won the competition and clearly showed that the Ultimaker is the most capable FDM printer (plastic filament to 3D object) out there: https://plus.google.com/116416453568555 ... 5duEFKVWC6 A quick video of me flying the 3D-printed Tricopter in the courtyard: And last but not least: We've made it into German television http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvqEkEPk ... ure=g-hist Take care! Florian
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