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  1. I have combing set to 'all' but still get these kind of travels. Retraction doesn't work well with softer filaments with my ultimaker original , so I try to avoid when possible. But this print completely closed the tooth of my gear.. Doesn't look like it's combing . Using Cura 2.5.0
  2. Exactly what I meant. use concentric for only two layers (very top and very bottom). Regular line infill otherwise.
  3. I like the concentric infill on top/bottom layers from an aesthetic point-of-view, but don't like them from a strength point-of view. Would it be possible to choose a regular infill for top/bottom layers, but select concentric for only the very first and last layer?
  4. Sort-of fixed it by now. I connected the original power supply next to the power supply from the HBK. So I guess for some reason, the HBK PSU does not deliver enough power.
  5. I recently upgraded my old Ultimaker Original with a heated bed kit. Everything works, but heating / controlling the bed causes random resets. When the bed temperature is set to 0, everything prints fine. Just setting the bed at 60° and not printing will not cause resets, but when the bed is controlled during a print, it resets frequently, but randomly. Could be 5 minutes, could be 30 minutes. I suspect switching the bed on/off causes some power fluctuations . Currently don't have a scope to verify this this. Checked all the wiring to make sure it's not a short or loose wire som
  6. Let's discuss the possibilities of adding a routine in the firmware that detects the maximum possible speed & acceleration (& others?) of the ultimakers. - What should it do? - How should it be implemented I like the idea of the system running a certain pattern at increasing speeds & accelerations and checking if steps are lost by going back to the limit switches and see if they're at the same position. - I'm not sure if we need the DEBUG_STEPS sections to check whether steps are lost, or if there is some other way. - probably also some margin of error for the switches is need
  7. Marlin Wiki is here: http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Marlin_firmware_for_the_Ultimaker Marlin firmware can be found here: https://github.com/bkubicek/Marlin
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