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  1. Hi guys, I'm wondering where I can find the Ultimaker Original + lasercut files? They might be exactly the same as the Original (without the +) but can someone please confirm this? Thanks anyway, Michael
  2. Hi, The UM2 is still for sale. I live in the Hague (Den Haag in Dutch) so that's probably one of the most far away places from Germany... Anything I can do to convince you? Greetings, Michael
  3. Sorry I didn't reply within an hour and a half :oops: . Your PM was answered minutes ago.
  4. Hi guys, after a lot of thought and considering I decided to sell my Ultimaker 2. The machine was delivered in December 2013 and it works absolutely great! Price: €1.600 Shipping: not included in the above price. For more information and photos, please send a personal message. Thanks for reading. Michael
  5. I decided to go with Youmagine only for my R2-D2 model because I also want to support the Ultimaker team and Youmagine. The amount of downloads and likes on Youmagine is nowhere close to Thingiverse but honestly I don't really care that much about that since I'm not considering making profit from my models. I noticed there's a "I printed one" button on Youmagine now. Perhaps it's been there for ages but honestly I just noticed it :-) Cool! One thing I would really recommend is a better method to just browse through the models. With only 9 models on one page just browsing around is not much
  6. Hi, I'm selling my 750 gram spool of Colorfabb's Woodfill. It still has 749,9 grams on it. Reason for selling is it blocked my nozzle during the first centimeters of extrusion. It was a pain to solve this problem and I lost confidence in printing it. So if you feel confident printing with it or if you want to try it yourself this is a bargain. New spool on Colorfabb's site: €48,40 excl. shipping. My spool: €38,- excl. shipping. I'm in the Netherlands - the Hague. Regards, Michael
  7. Hmmmm, I feel a little uninformed here. Have I missed something or is this one of the 'things you should know'? On the Colorfabb's site it says 0,4mm nozzle size so that's either wrong of misleading. I'm not considering drilling my UM2's nozzle to a wider diameter for now. Too happy it's working fine now (and making awesome prints!). I think I'll sell my Woodfill spool (with 749,9 grams on it ;-)) so if anyone is interested, please PM me. I'm in the Netherlands.
  8. Hi there, thanks for the tips again. The easy method didn't work for me but after disassembling the print head and doing the trick (heating up, push PLA in, cooling down to 90 degrees) a few times worked for me. It was some work and since the Woodfill gave a lot of mess in the nozzle I had to do this trick for about 5 times to get rid off all the black sticky stuff. Happy it's printing again! :cool: If there are so many people encountering problems on clogging, I would advice the Ultimaker team to come up with the best solution and place a video of the recommended method on their site/ Yout
  9. Hi there, after some initial problem I got some very, very nice prints from the Ultimaker 2! It finished some marathon prints last week resulting in a http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:164317 at 0,05mm. It looks awesome and the two pieces come together nicely. After these print I changed the material (Colorfabb's Woodfill). I wish I didn't... The material change was OK, material was flowing nicely without problems but during the first print, things went wrong. On the first layer I could see just a few normal lines but extrusion stopped pretty soon. The temperature was quite high at that mome
  10. This problem is now solved. The screws needed to be tightened and the pulley was rubbing the short belt. Two fails of the Ultimaker's assembly team in my opinion but I'm very happy it's working now! I've made some very nice prints so far but now my nozzle seems blocked...
  11. I started a print tonight, same gcode, same machine, tightened screws and an XY acceleration of 3000mm/sec. It's printing fine so far. Fingers crossed.
  12. Hi, thanks for the advice again! I've done a few other prints of which two succeeded and one fail due to this problem. I checked the belts again and also checked all screws. I must admit I missed one screw the first time! It was the screw in the pulley on the short belt of the X-axis which is a seperate pulley. The Y-axis pulley is a one-piece pulley so there's a difference which I didn't notice the first time. My bad... :oops: . It's tightened now. I also noticed some black 'sparks' on the bottom of the machine behind the cover. These seem to come from my belt since there were also a few on
  13. Even though I had some good prints in the meantime the curving problem returned. The file is on Thingiverse - it's the head part of the loggerhead sea turtle http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:164317/ This print is supposed to be symmetrical but obviously it isn't... I think something is wrong with the steppers since I checked everything mechanical. Should I send a support ticket? Or are there other thing I may check? Michael
  14. Hi Michiel, thanks for the adress! I'll send it soon. Will think of a nice location in the Hague to make the picture ;-) Michael
  15. I got the vertical white covers off and checked all the set screws in all the pulleys. Also checked belt rubbing (none detected) and relubricated the bars. I could easily give most of the set screws approx. 1/16 - 1/8 turn. That's quiet a lot I think so I also checked the other, easy to reach screws of the machine. I could give most of the outside screws (that keep the body together) a few turns without getting the feeling to strip the thread. Particularly the acrylic side plates were mounted very poorly. It's printing again now (not the Eiffel tower ;-)). Fingers crossed. Will give an updat
  16. Hi, after some problems with the UM2 I'm now printing for a few days. Did some good print with it which made me very happy. :grin: Of the initial problems there's one remaining: let's call it "Layer curving". I had this problem on two prints so far (at least where I could see it ). First part was R2-D2's bottom leg part. This was previously analyzed by gr5 and illuminarti. They suggested it may have something to do with either material shrinking in combination with infill or the belts being too loose. Good suggestions so I did get some extra tension on the short belts to prevent
  17. Hi LePaul, great to find your R2 page! I made the 3D R2-D2 from blueprints and images found on the internet and gave my own interpretation where needed ;-). I also printed R2 on 0,2mm layer height this summer, scaled 50% of the intended size. Pictures can be found in my album http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/gallery/album/402-r2-d2/ Cheers, Michael
  18. I printed mine today! Were can I send the printed part to? Still need to make a picture of it ;-)
  19. I've been ill for a day and a half but back in business! With the tips of gr5 and illuminarti I got the extrusion going without problems. I recalibrated the platform and removed the excessive amount of glue. My guess the problem I had ealier on were mainly glue related with the nozzle picking up glue from the platform an with that blocking it. I also whiped the nozzle from the outside with a needle. It's working fine now! I also tensioned the short belts a bit to prevent the curving. I think this is a shrinking issue though so I think I might resedign the part a bit. It's a part of R2-D2's l
  20. Hi there again! Thanks for replying guys. I really appreciate the help. It's good to know the UM2 needs a higher temperature. Nevertheless I stil have issues with the extrusion and made a few video's of it and placed them on Youtube. I forgot to speak when making the movie :wink: Here's video 1 - a simple print of one of the gcodes that came with the UM2 on the SD Card. I basically just turned the power on, and hit print. Here's video 2 - the back of the machine with the extruder mechanism. It shows the skipping of the PLA When uploading these video's I started another print again.
  21. Hello guys, thank you very much or your quick reply! Sorry to ask so much in one post but there's an answer to most of my questions. I started printing today and checked the 3rd fan and some other things. The 3rd fan is working correctly so no problem with that. To try to solve my extrusion problem I switched back to the white PLA again since that color didn't give me troubles so far. When printing the same gcode is also had problems with the extrusion now... It might be that it doesn't really like 0,3mm layer thickness. With the tips as described above, I went through the "Tune" menu and f
  22. Hi guys, After I sold my Ultimaker Original I finally received my Ultimaker two days ago and started printing right away. It seems something is wrong with my machine and I have a few questions... Hope someone wants to help me out. First my biggest concern. The extrusion on the machine is not a constant flow. Some layers seem to be just fine while other have under extruded parts resulting in a not so nice finish of the shell but also a weak print due to bad layer adhesion. I printed a full plate of the Bubblox brick by Gijs (https://www.youmagine.com/designs/bubblox). 15 brick turned out to
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