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  1. Hi Ultimaker Community. I had a great time meeting some of you in the Netherlands over a beer or two and thought I should make good on my promise to be more active on the forums... One post doesn't exactly make me active yet ... so lets call it a work in progress :wink:
  2. Eating dinner at the moment. So this is rather rushed The lines top right is I think Siert's gcode header to prime the nozzle. Personally I don't use it Direct printing works fine for me so I don't use print run sorry. Cheers Paul
  3. Improvements ncluded in this release are: - Volumetric printing - Improved toolpaths / print quality - Easy printing with 50% speed and no fan for the first layer - Unified outline feature for multiple part prints - Improved minimal layer time feature - Tweaked temperature to help prevent the frustration of filament grinding and increase layer stickiness
  4. Hi Folks As you know the NF update is here with volumetric printing 8-) I am very rushed for time at present but I will be back on later to talk a little about this release if Alex does not beat me to it. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the improvements. To use this feature follow my quick guide bellow. Choose and set up Volumetric printing: 1.Click the machine tab 2.On the machine type drop down, pick Ultimaker (volumetric) 3.Next click the '...' button to the right of it 4.Tick the Minimal cycle time radio box and enter a value to the right, 10 seconds works fairly well 5.Choos
  5. This looks really great Dave. I've just started developing a new set of profiles for Netfabb at a new layer height. So I will try out your program, hopefully it can save me many, many hours of work. Would love to see this in Netfabb. Thank you so much for your time! (& saving mine) Paul P.S. wish I had seen this earlier
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