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  1. Je zou ook kunnen spelen met 'horizontal expansion'. Wanneer ik dunwandige producten ontwerp doe ik dat vaak met een wanddikte van 0,1mm (of nog minder) en in Cura de horizontal expansion op 0,5*nozzle (of line with). Of ik ontwerp het massief en dan in cura zonder top/bottom en zonder infill. (Tip: Wellicht je vraag in het engels stellen, je hebt dan veel sneller een antwoord... : )
  2. I didn't complain, I asked a question... : ) And I can imagine that a full proof script is difficult, but I think a partly working work around could be quite helpfull already
  3. Adding the printer works...! But that shouldn't stop me from dropping by in all offices.... Thanks...!
  4. can't find the cache files on my mac how do you mean 'exactly' adding a printer with the same def files...?! add printer, close cura, copy paste definition json in the new printer definition json...?! cheers / joris
  5. Hi, I want for an experiment slice something with 4 extruders. I managed to change the definitions json and added the necessary exruders json files and Cura starts OK. I can chenge the number of extruders in the machine settings, but I don't see the 3rd and 4th extruder in the GUI/menu on the right. I also don't see in in the right mouse button menu. Is this a [known?] bug or am I missing something... some snippets of the definitions json I changed: "machine_extruder_trains": { "0": "ultimaker_original_dual_1st", "1": "ultimaker_original_dual_2nd"
  6. Thats it, thanks also for the shortcut in the help meu. cheers / joris
  7. Any ideas where the location could be on a Mac...?! changed and added some machines, but cannot find any .cfg in the user/.cura folder with the date of today and/or a name that I would recognize. [there are older cfg files, but not from today] cheers / joris
  8. tried to rename to home_offset, but then i think more is renamed the error now is: enquecommand_P is not declared in this scope you can download 'my' firmware at: https://drive.google.com/a/redpixel.nl/file/d/0B0AtBR2SVS-VZFlkMFJfX1BmNnM/view?usp=sharing
  9. I use the githuib.com/marlinfirmware since that has the M163 included [which I need...] I seen something like set_home_offset and home_offset, maybe it is a different name?!
  10. almost working I gues, just don't understand where to copy/paste these lines: static void lcd_init_z_adjustment(); static void lcd_prepare_info_z(); static void lcd_prepare_adjust_z(); (placed them in ultralcd.h but have no idea why i did that : ) and I get an error: 'add_homeing' was not declared in this scope.....?! did I miss something...?! cheers / joris
  11. I use Neotko style as well, sort of... I prefer the name of the object first and version as well Many times I copy all files on the sd card to the folder called "old" so you can find the current files faster. Important is also that the names are not so long, when working with octoprint in the 8.3 format when printing from SD. That means extension on .g [instead of .gcode] When I resume prints I use the same name but ending on r1.g, r2.g etc... And for production on multiple different machine include machine name [uMO, UM2] and nozzle size [without a dot]. Never included PLA in filename sin
  12. just downloaded fresh files from github and now only warnings, so seems to compile.... cheers / joris
  13. Hi, I managed to install all the packages and dependecies for compiling the cura engine on mac OS 10.9.5 [woohoo!!], but when compiling i get an error which is source related I think: [ 7%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/_CuraEngine.dir/src/PrimeTower.cpp.o /werk/github/CuraEngine/src/PrimeTower.cpp:54:40: error: variable-sized object may not be initialized int max_object_height_per_extruder[extruder_count] = { -1 }; // unitialize all as -1 ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 error generated. make[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/_CuraEngine.dir/src/PrimeTower.cpp.o] Error 1
  14. [edit: i did change the id and name in the json and then the machine shows up in the add printer list, still want to know where the added printer json file is [or is that referred to this json file?!] Where is that list of json files on a mac...?! I see a list in contents/resources/cura/resources/machines but when I duplicate and rename a pirnter there, it doesn't show more printers... I did add 2 other machines, but don't know where the json file is to edit the nozzle size [interesting is that the wall tooltip refer to the nozzle size but that value is nowhere viewable....] cheers / jor
  15. Yes and no... The overlap will 'weld' the object together, with pla it works really well, but the adhesion between layers and also between parts is many times not as strong as the layer. Especially with other materials [ABS, PC] or fiber inserted materials [markforged] you would like to see a more integrated layering strategy. cheers / joris [this is the 3rd time I challenge students from TUDelft to print larger by combining multiple fast/accurate XY frames with a slow XYZ frame to speed up production, but keep de resolution. Ther whole project is only 6(!!) weeks. See also the project form
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