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  1. I didn't complain, I asked a question... : ) And I can imagine that a full proof script is difficult, but I think a partly working work around could be quite helpfull already
  2. tried to rename to home_offset, but then i think more is renamed the error now is: enquecommand_P is not declared in this scope you can download 'my' firmware at: https://drive.google.com/a/redpixel.nl/file/d/0B0AtBR2SVS-VZFlkMFJfX1BmNnM/view?usp=sharing
  3. I use the githuib.com/marlinfirmware since that has the M163 included [which I need...] I seen something like set_home_offset and home_offset, maybe it is a different name?!
  4. almost working I gues, just don't understand where to copy/paste these lines: static void lcd_init_z_adjustment(); static void lcd_prepare_info_z(); static void lcd_prepare_adjust_z(); (placed them in ultralcd.h but have no idea why i did that : ) and I get an error: 'add_homeing' was not declared in this scope.....?! did I miss something...?! cheers / joris
  5. Hi, You could use a plugin in Cura, don't know if this worked, but an intern tried this a year ago: other option is to use regular expressions in a better text editor: find: G0 (.*) replace: yourcode G0 /1 [btw, i am not a programmer, but i really like google and copy/paste...] cheers \ joris #Name: Powder Printing #Info: Switch off fan power during travel moves #Help: PowderPrinting #Depend: GCode #Type: postprocess #Param: fanpowermin(int:) Fan Power Min(0-255) #Param: fanpowermax(int:) Fan Power Max(0-255) ## Written by Tom Kerckhaert, based on TweakAtZ by Steven Morlock #
  6. accidently saw this topic i made the blender file, but i am not a blender guru this problem i have seen before, the simple deform modifier should have its origin on "Cube" btw i do a lot with displacement mapping, eg the names on the 3D printed petition http://www.thingiverse.com/joris if someone starts a new topic i may give some more tips... : ) cheers \ joris
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