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  1. Here you go: http://koti.kapsi.fi/~kliment/printrun/ Waaaay better than RepG...... Regards, Toni @Daid: BTW, I am almost only reading here and on GGroups, but great job on your side (SkeinPyPy, DaidMarlin....;-)))
  2. Hello Owen! I am sorry to hear that you had still no luck solving this problem...... For your reference I put down my marlin-Values so maybe you see some difference to yours: [17] echo: stored settings retreived:[17] echo: steps per unit:[17] echo: m92 x79.872 y79.872 z533.000 e14.000[17] echo: maximum feedrates (mm/s):[17] echo: m203 x160.00 y160.00 z150.00 e500000.00[17] echo: maximum acceleration (mm/s2):[17] echo: m201 x9000 y9000 z150 e10000[17] echo: acceleration: s=acceleration, t=retract acceleration[17] echo: m204 s4600.00 t7000.00[17] echo: advanced variables: s=min
  3. Hi All! I experienced the same behaviour with marlin (9f57cdd and 0ad9779). Every time I open the realtime-panel (RepG25/RepG26alpha, MacOSX) the printer behaves crazy at crazy speeds! I tried this several times and actually I can't use the realtime controls. Also lowering the value to low values (10%) has no effect...... Best regards, Toni
  4. Hi Owen! Damn, I remembered wrong!! It was not the MAX_ACCELERATION (this is OK in the firmware -> M201) but it was DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE! This is set by default to 10 for the z-axis!!!!! This value you should increase to 150 or something above that! You use for this the M203-Command for Max-Feedrates: for example M203 X200 Y200 Z300 E10000 (from Marlin-Wiki-entry)! Maybe you print out the values before the change to check them....... Please excuse my fault..... but I think this is the solution to your problem -> your picture shows exactly what I had! Hope this solves it! Best reg
  5. Hi Owen! Your Problem reminds me at a problem that I had. I visited Florian (floush) and we came across a problem that NetFabb made Blobs at every? layer at the same position. He told me the solution for MY problem! First, I have Marlin from github g9f57cdd from the october 16th. In the firmware the default-Acceleration for z-Axis is set to 150 (DEFAULT_MAX_ACCELERATION). We raised this value to 300! You should set the new value with the M203 and store them into EEPROM. The above mentioned github version has a Bug however -> it doesn't report back the EEPROM-Values, so you should use
  6. Hi Berend! Grrrr, typical Error of not reading the whole post ;-)) Damn....... OK, with working wife and small child I have very littel time to play around with my UM, but I wanted to check this as well....... Maybe anyone else can help us here. So best regards, Toni
  7. Hi Berend! I have not tried this yet, but I think it's the correct place: * Go to "Ulitmaker" in the Project-Tree on the right * select the last Tab "Machine" (I translate the german tags, so the english version could vary a bit;-) * "Machine-Type" should be "Ultimaker" and here at the right of "Ultimaker" hit the button with 3 dots "..." * A Dialog opens -> select the "Ultimaker specific"-Tab and you see "GCode Header" and "GCode Footer" I think, entering values here will do the job..... Let me know, if it works! (I wanted to try this weeks ago, but I fogot it........) Best regard
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