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  1. Thanks for your reply ! Now i can connect with Netfabb, using Marlin build 1. But maybe better to only produce gcode with Netfabb and print RepG. I hope they will fix build 2 for Netfabb soon Greetz Novastar
  2. In RepG i can connect, but still not in netfabb ;-( dont know what to do anymore....
  3. Hi everyone, I buy Netfabb, and installed it on a new computer and now I try to connect the Ultimaker. On this computer i did not installed ReplicatorG and i also not installed Phyton yet. Do i have to install that too wenn i only want to use netfabb on this computer? I only installed the Arduino driver, which is installed correctly in devicemanager. In Netfabb i selected ' Ultimaker specific' and selected the right usb com with highest bautrate. I also try to disconnect usb, but i still cannot connect the ultimaker. Anyone can help me out? What im missing out ?? Greetz Jeroen
  4. Hi everyone ! I would to have some advice about which (freeware) CAD program is the best to learn and use wenn you are relative new to design with CAD programs. I can already use Sketchup at beginner skill. I also downloaded autocad 123D, which also seems nice. Many people also use Blender, but i don't know if thats good for a beginner. I have a david scanner and i would like to transform/design my scans (*.obj) to nice 3d models and print it with my Ultimaker ! Anyone can give some beginner advice ?? Greetz Novastar
  5. What is a good place to buy filament in Europe/Netherlands ? because the Ultimaker is out of stock many times. Anyone have good ideas/tips ?
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