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  1. Hi all . First . Im very sorry for the extremely late reply. Second . Thank for all the reply's. so finally got time to follow a posses of elimination. I think i have got to the root of the problem. The x axis slide blocks were not aligned properly and so far i have 2 good prints. Armature hour :-| :-| :-| Thanks every one for the pointers Thanks Karl
  2. hi here's a photo as you can see the print head shifted a few times on this print. some times happens at different heights. the shifts in this are 17mm ,17mm then 25mm . the machine is a U1 , ok gona go through the new check list : Mark pulleys (6) Tighten pulleys - loosen pulleys tighten nuts on viewing the Layer viewer every thing looks ok, now is the layer viewer a direct image of g code (excuse my ignorance). thanks for all the help guys ill let you know how i get on probably be tomorrow (resolved hopefully) Thanks Karl
  3. hello I have been struggling with a shifting printer head over the past day. Im looking for some fresh views where to find the problem. The print starts fine then the head jumps mostly along the y axis some times along the x a little. while trouble shooting i have printed a different test print perfectly ( granted it was a smaller print). things I have tried following other posts. Tightening cables drop oil on slide bars removing oil on slide bars. slowing print speed from 100. to 50 mms. any suggested fixes would be greatly as Im scratching my head not knowing where to look. thanks karl
  4. Cheers daid ill check it now thanks
  5. Im haveing difficultys printing objects to scale as. As evrry thing on the z axis prints exactly half its proper size. Iv gon over the set up wizard and redone the e steps,but the result is still the same.every thing else about the prints are fine kudt their height any pointers eould be greatly apriceated
  6. hello i have had a small bit of experience with 3d studio max ( collage projects) then was introduced to rhino and stuck with it. i find rihno a great program user interface is simple best feature about the program is the it can open and save in a large amount of formats from auto cad files , illustrator,stl files ,vray , lightwave ,Zcorp and on and on . IE a very versatile program karl
  7. OK success after being away for a few days i returned to answer durants reply to my sos only to find replicator g wouldn't open at all. so deleted the program and uploaded version 26 and it seems to be running fine. thanks for your responses its a comfort to know theirs experienced heads out there with sound advice. thanks karl now just to calibrate that z axis........
  8. haha I hope not yea the extruder moves fine when using the control window so i found and removed the m105 line in the code and still no joy but the resend line changed not sure where to go from here wondering is netfabb easer to use? thanks for the pointer karl
  9. hi all I have been working through the newcomer guide first print on the wiki, every thing goes smoothly up untill i press the build button then absolutly nothing. the extrufer is still hot but nothing is happening. The building comand bar has turned yelloew with an estimated time, and works through it up to 1 min 11sec. below the model it seems to be going through code every so often a red line appears saying resend for line 582 in one buffer resume from 580. any ideas on what i could try and do im pretty frustrated and don't know where to start. any pointers would be great thanks karl
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