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  1. I have the same problem (Netfabb runs but Ultimaker module is not visible in the tree). You gave me hope that I can get it running under my Ubuntu. I followed your instructions. After changing the override to ""Builtin then Native" I get a window with a message "LUA Runtime Error: [string "lea"]:1: libUSB Init Error: -4" when trying to run netfabb.exe and then after clicking "OK" I get another one with "Access violation". After click "OK" process quits and nothing is shown. the terminal shows: pit3k@pit3k-laptop:~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/netfabb_reprap$ wine netfabb.exe fixme:mountmgr:harddisk_ioctl Unsupported ioctl 74080 (device=7 access=1 func=20 method=0) fixme:mountmgr:harddisk_ioctl Unsupported ioctl 2d1400 (device=2d access=0 func=500 method=0) fixme:mountmgr:harddisk_ioctl Unsupported ioctl 74080 (device=7 access=1 func=20 method=0) fixme:actctx:parse_depend_manifests Could not find dependent assembly L"Microsoft.VC80.CRT" (8.0.50727.762) fixme:msvcr90:__clean_type_info_names_internal (0x355340) stub Any ideas how to fix this?
  2. Mine shipped today as well! So exciting! Can't wait to get my hands on it, hopefully this week For you guys waiting on yours, it was exactly 8 weeks for me, since I ordered on Monday, 14th November.
  3. pit3k


    Often changing the anti-spam question, e.g. from "Are you human?" to "What is two plus three?" is enough to stop all spam for a while, at least until some nasty fella manually updates the spam-bot to cope with it.
  4. How are your orders doing remco, mr_clark? Are there shipped yet?
  5. pit3k


    My understanding of the typical workflow is that you use Netfabb to slice and export the G-Code to a file, so you don't need USB connectivity. Then, you use RepG (which works fine on Linux, no?) to send that G-Code to the printer. That's what I'm planning to be doing anyway, so please do correct me, if that's wrong.
  6. pit3k


    While I don't have any practical experience yet (still waiting for my Ultimaker), I've installed Netfabb on my Ubuntu under wine to explore its features. I do get an error at the start, but after that it seems to be working fine, at least as far as I could tell.
  7. If you're talking about the "what if ordered PLA is not in stock" survey email, I've just received that too. I think all of us waiting for the machine have.
  8. My order placed on 14 Nov has an id of ....850. Let us know when your order ships remco, so I'll know to should expect mine about 2 weeks later
  9. Where can I find RSS links, can you share them? I'm using the Active Topics link, which works fine, but RSS would be very usefull as well.
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