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  1. The solution I ended up using is pretty simple and works well. Before I just used a cheap Chinese chassis psu dialled down to 20v which fed the UM electronics and a relay driven heated bed. The problem with this approach is the bed power is reduced if you are using a 24v designed hot plate or other heated bed element (not really an issue for me as I was using power resistors on a 8mm alu plate). My Chinese PSU died a rather pathetic death so I decided to get something a little better: http://www.simplypowersupply.com/DIN-Rail-Power-Supply/LP1300D-24M-24Vdc-125A-300W-DIN-Rail-Power-Supply.asp
  2. I got mine a few days before Xmas and its now up and running and having the fun and games of the extruder issues... got some good prints out of it so far though!
  3. I feel the pain, I ordered mine at the end of October, order number 749, in the hope that i would have something to play with over xmas... Its not shipped yet, so it doesn't look hopeful that I will have it before the new year... Ah well... Looks like I will have to socialise with the family then!
  4. Thanks for the reply. It does seem like a hell of a long time, is that with the python libraries update that people mention? Looks like a netfabb licence is needed afterall, pretty expensive!
  5. Hi There, ok, so I am awaiting my order to come, was ordered 4 weeks ago now, so I'm hoping I get an update / package soon! Anyways, I'm sure this question has been asked many a time, but I still cannot see any definitive answer, though I understand its quite subjective... As a newbie, after assembling the device, how much of a headache will it be to get Skienforge to give me these lovely prints I see floating around the net? I see the Netfabb ones often and it is clear they are fantastic looking, and I believe Netfabb is faster at the slicing too? by what factor I don't know, if its a case
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