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  1. Hi guys I recently got to work on a UM S5. For tuning in new material i need to print temp-towers. Those usually (in the old Ultimaker2 days) have been gcode-edited to have different Temps for a given set of layers. i remember doing this on Gcode-files but am unable to do the same to the new Ultimaker file format .ufp its not text-editable and i am no programming nerd 🙂 Is there a setting or a plugin i miss in cura to achieve said Temp-towers? Tanks in advance for any help. Picture of example temp tower:
  2. Hi guys. i maybe saw a little flaw in Cura there. otherwise perfect software. Love it. i am on MacOs Catalina newest and have Cura 4.7.1 - The text on the tab "Monitor" has quite a different font for its "I" compared to the rest of the letters. it has serifs the rest not.
  3. ahaha My Anti-Autoslicing brethren, gather and lets go over to Daids house with pitchforks and torches, now. atleast i want his "odd look" to be satified over the loss of the button! just kidding I just have to severely adapt myself to it. i like the new split and combine functions and the zoom pan settings. but its still very strange for me not to click a button to have something sliced.
  4. My Progress building a DI Wirebender machine.
  5. For monting the Steppers on the back of the UM and rotating them downwards by 90degree... I found these online.. https://sdp-si.com/eStore/Direct.asp?GroupID=1124 can these work for us or are they not precise enough?
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