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  1. Its quite Important Infos about an Firmware update. When its making one unable to downgrade afterwards. This is quite very Apple style.. I would need a Big Red Warning upon updating next time... i hope i didnt brick my machine now. - The printing-cloud-way which needs opening my browser is realy not ideal. I like to do everything form cura as it was.
  2. What a bummer: With 6.0 you can only use the Digital Factory, so you have to send your print jobs through the cloud. A direct connection is not possible anymore. i might have to roll back then. this is a no-go for me.
  3. hi guys first clogged nozzle on my UM S5... Over a +48h Print, the front fan pulled in that many fine PVA hairs. Up to the point that the fan stopped rotating and the space behind was filled with plastic hair. The now uncooled cold-end of my 1st AA core of course clogged soon afterwards. lucky that the S5 noticed the stopped filament and printing halted. So, i found the factory front fan grill unsuitable for filtering the debris eventually produced in the UM. I will put in this as quick fix: Fine stretch mesh. Got it from an Architecture model builder mat
  4. when i click export in the plugin, i get a empty csv sheet. so i dont know how to start.
  5. do you have a tutorial on how to use the plugin? i couldn't figure it out by my self?
  6. this was exactly my issue.. i will install a fine mesh there. my nozzle is now clogged/dead.. cant move the stump of filament in there.. hot or cold. does anyone have a walk-trough for disassembling and cleaning a S5 nozzle.
  7. thanks for the help. my camera zoom problem was fixed by deactivating the zoom to mouse-position (which did not work at all) My "Force layer view compatibility mode" was deactivated from beginning. so no change there.
  8. I am on a new Macbookpro (2019) With Big Sur OS. I like the new release. 4.8 i have some problems though: after slicing layer preview is not visible anymore. Cura operator camera zoom zooms to an irrelevant point in the left corner of the printer. When Selecting the object the camera resets view to center. but the zoom point stays offset to that left corner. This results in: when zoomed in, the Camera rotates not around the desired object anymore.
  9. Hi guys I recently got to work on a UM S5. For tuning in new material i need to print temp-towers. Those usually (in the old Ultimaker2 days) have been gcode-edited to have different Temps for a given set of layers. i remember doing this on Gcode-files but am unable to do the same to the new Ultimaker file format .ufp its not text-editable and i am no programming nerd 🙂 Is there a setting or a plugin i miss in cura to achieve said Temp-towers? Tanks in advance for any help. Picture of example temp tower:
  10. Hi guys. i maybe saw a little flaw in Cura there. otherwise perfect software. Love it. i am on MacOs Catalina newest and have Cura 4.7.1 - The text on the tab "Monitor" has quite a different font for its "I" compared to the rest of the letters. it has serifs the rest not.
  11. Hi guys I have some problems i hope to get solved here. On my Mac the NEW Cura 15.06.3 doesnt work... (the old one runs like a charm) I already wrote about, but got not a single answer. https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/17031-cant-print-with-cura-150603-on-my-ultimaker2 i am using a iMac (mid 2010) 2.93 GHz Intel Core i7 i cant get a working Gcode out of Cura. The layer view is not working most of the time. I cant switch view modes. If i manage to get layers displayed then it looks like this: additionially i miss the "cut-off-bottom" function. or didnt find where to add it in
  12. hm. seems like i am the only one who has such severe problems using the newest cura.
  13. hi guys this morning i first tried the new cura 15.06.03... im on a Mac with newest OS. So, firmware upped and sliced a simple and proofed working testmodel (interlocked tubes) First i noticed i still cant have the layers displayed (same problem as in 15.06.01/02). thers a button for, but it just hides the 3d model. no layer to see there. i can scroll though invisible layers. So saved the gcode and opened with a gcode viewer and with the old cura to see if thers something there... " /> Soo.. quite surprised, i put file on SD and started the printer anyway to see if only the ult
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