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  1. Hi guys I have some problems i hope to get solved here. On my Mac the NEW Cura 15.06.3 doesnt work... (the old one runs like a charm) I already wrote about, but got not a single answer. https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/17031-cant-print-with-cura-150603-on-my-ultimaker2 i am using a iMac (mid 2010) 2.93 GHz Intel Core i7 i cant get a working Gcode out of Cura. The layer view is not working most of the time. I cant switch view modes. If i manage to get layers displayed then it looks like this: additionially i miss the "cut-off-bottom" function. or didnt find where to add it in the extra settings i used that very often to make symetric halves of a thing without another extra software.
  2. hm. seems like i am the only one who has such severe problems using the newest cura.
  3. hi guys this morning i first tried the new cura 15.06.03... im on a Mac with newest OS. So, firmware upped and sliced a simple and proofed working testmodel (interlocked tubes) First i noticed i still cant have the layers displayed (same problem as in 15.06.01/02). thers a button for, but it just hides the 3d model. no layer to see there. i can scroll though invisible layers. So saved the gcode and opened with a gcode viewer and with the old cura to see if thers something there... " /> Soo.. quite surprised, i put file on SD and started the printer anyway to see if only the ultifirmware actually could read the new gcode the right way... well it just did what the gcode viewer showed me. made some weird movements. am i doing something wrong?? i realy wonder why i cant see the freshly sliced layers so i downgraded and am back up printing with the old CURA. but i hope there will be some updates that hopefully fix my problem soon.
  4. yea so true, i guess they found the CAD files nice 3d rendering. but they forgot the bowden and cables.
  5. I found this picture on 3Ders.org i have to say it looks exactly like an ultimaker but says dentca on its front. Is this a new silver eddition? two heads on one axis? makes me ask questions.. or is this just photoshoped advertisement pic. tell me. http://www.3ders.org/articles/20150810-dentca-receives-fda-clearance-for-the-first-3d-printable-denture-base-material.html http://www.dentca.com/products.asp
  6. I wanted to print a hollow object. however i cant get cura to not fill my object. i have set the infill parameter to 0% for this. if thats not the way we do it now, please tell me. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/85
  7. Hm interesting. i wonder what brands of PLA you got. I definitely want to see this myself. I know that PLA (atleast mine is) a non-crystaline plastic and should be quite immune to this kind of solvent. In my case with all my PLA brands theres absolutely no benefit from acetone. I had a PLA part in a jar of acetone for several days... sometime it even got worse.. my parts get more brittle and have less interlayer adhesion. After the acetone evaporated.. Furthermore will leave a ugly white myst on the surface. With ABS on the other hand i can have my prints waterproofed, solidified and glossy by just spraying a little acetone. The effects on the surface quite strong.. small features may distort and a little loss of detail is always there. Gloss is what we want in some cases and i still can easily spray it with matte coat if needed. @ Reibuehl I would dip it and place it on Backing paper afterwards. try to have your slurry quite fluid and not honey-like.
  8. Acetone has no useful effect on PLA prints guys... you can coat a PLA print with ABS slurry though.
  9. Hi guys, Maybe some already know this.. i recently found this and was surprised: - Acetone in Spaycans i gave it a test for post processing ABS prints and it works good. Not the healthiest solution btw.. (well ventilated area) i go for 3 coats with complete drying in-between and some grinding.
  10. need some Help.. i know i am dumb when it comes to programming stuff. but i just couldnt figure out how to install that desired manual slicing version. ive been waiting for soo long and now i cant test it. First github.. i cant download from there. its a very confusing page. lucky-me, some posts later i find a download.. but i just get this .py file now what do i have to do with it? i hoped it would be a standalone cura app
  11. i realised this within this post.. thx again. Forgive me my ignorance but.. i have absolutely no idea how to make use of that github link. it lacks a download button Its waay beond my skills to make my own software... It gives me headache. i cant even follow the simplest tutorial on how to "compile" this random looking text into a working software on my mac. If someone could do this for me i would be very thankful.
  12. please be nice to each other.. its a old discussion.. and also a fierce thorn in my eye since auto-slicing was born. check the forum search function. I gave up using cura long ago. precisely after i had to read daids post where he's first saying that he won't change this ever... I always liked cura and still occasionally use it for small items like 3-5 qcm. But for me its unusable for big and complex things Everytime autoslice cuts into my workflow. i can't withstand to curse loud, like captain haddock. ..really annoys my coworkers.. but i can't help it. Lets just hope that we (the stoppers) still grow more and more in numbers. By now, i really hoped the group of unsatisfied Cura users would have grow to a certain level so the developers would have been forced to re-implement that beloved "Stop" button already. ( cura once had a slice button.. ) sadly that just didn't happen yet. :(
  13. Hi guys have to report another UM2 blocked. i couldnt find the source of my very severe underextrusion problem.. until i disassembled everything.. Im not shure but i think i already had a glass-infused spacer.. I noticed a relatively strong notch inside my Teflon spacer. On its exit-side to the nozzle, it has got a quite strong ridge all around. the teflon is still completely white. no burned plastic residue anywhere. Filament "can" still go though the spacer but also most of the times blocks up instantly. To me it looks like, the spacer is made from too soft material.. i think could crush it by hand. i feel like PLA is harder than that spacer = can damage it. since i cannot photograph my spacer good enough, a drawing should help a bit: i order some replacements.. but i already know it wont last. I hope someone comes up with a better solution for this.
  14. I need some Help! To my big surprise and very sadly, Cura is not able to save to .stl anymore. Actually there should be multible options to choose from: .obj, .stl, amf, i accidentally overwrited a original .stl file with a .amf... now i cannot open the file again.. only in Cura witch doesnt help in this case. I need a way to convert .amf files back to much more compatible stl... none of my apps can read .amf files. Meshlab crashed always when i try to open it... changing the ending manually to .stl produces a unreadable file. thx in advance.
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