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  1. Hi The new Cura looks very userfriendly. Nice job! I do have a problem importing models I designed with blender. With the old Cura (15.04.6) the models import correctly, while with the new Cura (2.1.2) the models are so small, that I can't see them after the import and the transformation tools dont work on them. here an example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x0iwc6mmb2n3ybd/SchlittenBoden.stl?dl=0 cheers martin
  2. You were spot on. My fan shroud did exactly this, since it was designed for the old hot end. My new fan shroud is now ajusted to the new hot end and this phenomenon has disapeared. thank you.
  3. Hi Everyone I just wanted to let it know, that I uploaded a new kind of Z-Axis Adjuster. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:62819 its now installed on my ultimaker and it works like a charm. I hope it can be of use for some of you... cheers m
  4. Hi Since the exchange of my temperature sensor I observe a strange temp. drop after a few minutes. When freshly switched on, the temp. regulation works fine, but after a few minutes of printing the temp slowly starts to drop (from 230 to 210 - see attachment). There are NO GCode commands. This happens when using the controller and preheat to a specified temp aswell. The sensor senses correct - as far as I could measure with another device - so I guess the heater has a problem. any ideas?
  5. It works now after making these changes! It prints now, expcept it seems as if the default settings dont provide enough material-feed. but thats a different issue. Thank you very much for your speedy suggestions to my problem. I really appreciate it. martin
  6. No Success. I followed the given instructions and enabled the dimension plugin (Activate Dimension inside Skeinforge Settings) and the E Values dont appear. G21 (This is GCode, generated with Skeinforge version 35 from ReplicatorG)G21 (Ultimaker profile - Quality print - alterations/start-centered.gcode)G21 (Metric: The unit is a millimeter)M18 (Disable motors for now, to allow manual moving of the head)G90 (Absolute Positioning)G92 X0 Y0 Z0 E0 (set origin to current position)M1 (Check if the platform is empty before continuing)G1 X-220.0 Y-220.0 F2000 (ensure you're in the front left corner)G92 X-110 Y-110 Z220 E0 (make the center the origin)G1 X0.0 Y0.0 F3000 (go back to the center)G1 Z210.0 F100 (let the platform go up slightly, start slowly)G1 Z0.0 F400 (we don't have all day...)G92 X0 Y0 Z0 E0 (make the center the origin)G91 (Relative positioning)G1 Z35.0 F400 (lower platform for cleaning nozzle)G92 E0 (zero the extruded length)G1 E260 F1000 (extrude some to get the flow going)G1 E-20 F3000 (reverse a little)G92 E0 (zero the extruded length)M1 (Clean the nozzle and press YES to continue...)G1 Z-1.0 F100 (rise platform again)G1 Z-34.0 F400 (rise platform again)G90 G1 Z0.4G92 E0 (zero the extruded length)G21 (end of start .gcode file)G90G21;M103M105M106M140 S60.0M141 S30.0M142 S0.0M113 S1.0;M108 S50.04M104 S220.0M104 S218.096;M108 S37.53G1 X-11.02 Y-0.31 Z0.3 F60.0G1 F798.0;G1 E0.0G1 F60.0;M101G1 X-11.02 Y-10.19 Z0.3 F1800.0 E12.361G1 X-10.98 Y-10.36 Z0.3 F1800.0 E12.576G1 X-10.8 Y-10.67 Z0.3 F1800.0 E13.027G1 X-10.52 Y-10.9 Z0.3 F1800.0 E13.48G1 X-10.19 Y-11.02 Z0.3 F1800.0 E13.919G1 X10.19 Y-11.02 Z0.3 F1800.0 E39.415G1 X10.36 Y-10.98 Z0.3 F1800.0 E39.63G1 X10.67 Y-10.8 Z0.3 F1800.0 E40.081G1 X10.9 Y-10.52 Z0.3 F1800.0 E40.533G1 X11.02 Y-10.19 Z0.3 F1800.0 E40.973G1 X11.02 Y10.19 Z0.3 F1800.0 E66.468G1 X10.98 Y10.36 Z0.3 F1800.0 E66.684G1 X10.8 Y10.67 Z0.3 F1800.0 E67.134G1 X10.52 Y10.9 Z0.3 F1800.0 E67.587G1 X10.19 Y11.02 Z0.3 F1800.0 E68.027G1 X-10.19 Y11.02 Z0.3 F1800.0 E93.522G1 X-10.36 Y10.98 Z0.3 F1800.0 E93.737G1 X-10.67 Y10.8 Z0.3 F1800.0 E94.188G1 X-10.9 Y10.52 Z0.3 F1800.0 E94.641G1 X-11.02 Y10.19 Z0.3 F1800.0 E95.08G1 X-11.02 Y0.11 Z0.3 F1800.0 E107.689G1 F798.0G1 E107.689G1 F1800.0;M103M104 S220.0;M108 S50.04M104 S218.096G1 X-11.4 Y0.11 Z1.0 F68.353G1 X-11.4 Y10.23 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X-11.34 Y10.49 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X-11.23 Y10.71 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X-11.09 Y10.91 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X-10.91 Y11.09 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X-10.71 Y11.23 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X-10.49 Y11.34 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X-10.23 Y11.4 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X10.23 Y11.4 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X10.49 Y11.34 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X10.71 Y11.23 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X10.91 Y11.09 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X11.09 Y10.91 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X11.23 Y10.71 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X11.34 Y10.49 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X11.4 Y10.23 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X11.4 Y-10.23 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X11.34 Y-10.49 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X11.23 Y-10.71 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X11.09 Y-10.91 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X10.91 Y-11.09 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X10.71 Y-11.23 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X10.49 Y-11.34 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X10.23 Y-11.4 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X-10.23 Y-11.4 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X-10.49 Y-11.34 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X-10.71 Y-11.23 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X-10.91 Y-11.09 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X-11.09 Y-10.91 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X-11.23 Y-10.71 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X-11.34 Y-10.49 Z1.0 F2400.0G1 X-11.4 Y-10.23 Z1.0 F2400.0etc..
  7. First Daids question: The ReplilcatorG says: "Machine Ultimaker v1.0 (ADVISED 5D firmware) ready" ReplicatorG 0025 for OSX 2) seems to be not the most pressing issue anymore since I can reset the machine and using the controlpanel again (I actually plugged the motor into the wrong plug after my test). 1)I posted the first lines of GCode here: http://pastebin.com/EUgErEYj
  8. Hi I just completed the construction of my new ultimaker and everything worked fine. I was able to use ReplicatorG's ControlPanel to control all motors, including the extruder motor, and was able to extrude some material as well. but after I tried to print out the first model (I followed the steps in http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Newcomer_guid ... t_3D_print ) the extruder motor stopped working when the print job started. And now I am not able to control it anymore via ControlPanel. The motor itself works fine - I attached it to the Z-axis motor plug for testing. Update: Now I am able to control the motor, but only if I unplug the usb and restart the ReplicatorG after trying to printout the model. cheers martin
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