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  1. Since it's a DIY shirt you can pick any color you like What are you thinking of?
  2. My contribution to the shirt contest: Charlotte
  3. My contribution to the contest: Charlotte
  4. Ok, I disconnected the endswitches and it still happened. What I actually never noticed before is that I could see the motor 'slipping' or stopping when I just moved the printhead around (not by hand, but from replicator using the manual control). I started experimenting adjusting the stepper motor driver potmeter, which indeed changed the behaviour, but also resulted in a burned driver, haha, I guess I was becoming a little impatient... Then I thought, ok, will it be the driver or not? Inserting the driver from the X motor, actually resulted in the same slipping way of moving. So here I am, 1 driver down and still a slipping y axis.. Anybody?
  5. Hi Daid and Greenarrow, thanks for you suggestions. About the speed, I use the standard settings and am not printing faster than 150%. The bed is still in the right position. It doesn't look like skipping layers, since the layers are not on a position where the might have to be... I've been greasing allover with no succes... :( Any other suggestions?
  6. Hi all, I have been struggling with this for a while: after a while of printing correctly, my printhead starts to change its y position (steps of ~2mm each layer), causing the layers not to be neat on each other and forcing me to stop the print... I have been trying to change the potmeter settings, but with no result. My y potmeter looks different than the others, but i guess a missing housing shouldn't be the problem.Any ideas how to solve this? Charlotte
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