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  1. Thanks for the help. I figured it out.. as it turned out, my thermocouple was defect. Due to friction (and harsh assembly) the isolation of the two wires was bruised and the wires joined just outside of the metal can (where the crimping was done). So it measured the Temperature just outside of the heaterblock and when the fan started, the layer of hot air was blown away. And so the desaster started.. I fixed the thermocouple and it works like a charm again.
  2. Hey, after Assembling the new Hotend and installing it onto my machine, (which works sooo much better) after a few prints i got error messages in Printrun 'cold extrusion prevented'. I noticed that the heater works fine while preheating, but when the fan starts the PWM goes up to 127 and tries to hold the temperature but it ultimately fails and it goes down to 170°C. When i stop the fan with 'M107' the temperature rises up again and the PWM goes to 50-70 and holds the temperature fine. So I think something is wrong with my Heater. I measured the resistance of my heater and it is about 10 ohms. Is that a correct value? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  3. I read about problems with the material not sticking on the blue tape.. well I have the opposite problem.. I can not get my printed objects off the blue tape without destroing (at least) the tape.. it just sticks there.. I tried different knifes and scrapers those do not work hunky-dory... How do you get your objects off the tape?
  4. Excellent. That looks much better! I am still testing it seems that the feed rate is pretty high, although I entered a fillament diameter which is bigger than my actual diameter.. It would also be nice to be able to enter the nozzle size.. when i print objects with only one layer thickness i measure around 0.37mm...
  5. I haven't tried to open the files in netfabb, because i am at work now, but from the looks of the files it is much better now. Thanks. http://wirsch.com/reprapconfig.JPG (the left one is the new version) I don't know how many decimal places are necessary (it seems that the software cuts off after 3) but i will give it a try when i am at home.
  6. Here you go (see attachment). Thanks for taking interest.
  7. Still having problems with your Software... It is importing the saved profile now without tempering. But it is still creating a weird toolpath.. I tried this on WinXp SP3 32bit and Win7 Ultimate64bit.. My Netfabb version is 4.8.0. Here are some pictures: creating toolpath with the shiped PLA-High Settings: http://wirsch.com/Netfabb-standard.JPG and here with a profile from your software (i changed no settings... just pressed "save") http://wirsch.com/Netfabb-new.JPG As you can see, the toolpath somehow only creates walls.. no solids...
  8. I gave it a try but when i import the settings, netfabb says in an error window: "0,05" is an invalid float". So i opened the file with wordpad, and replaced all ',' with '.' and netfabb imported them.. but when i calculate a toolpath, then there are only points.. something is wrong there..
  9. One question before i try it out.. is the "Ultimaker standard bolt" in the Start Code section the new one? http://wiki.ultimaker.com/File:NewBolt.jpg That is what gave me the most problems.. tinkering with the Netfabb Settings... some results.. http://wirsch.com/Ultiprints.JPG (2 Prints stopped right in the middle when using the Netfabb direct print.. can't wait for the new version)
  10. Have you received yours yet? I am ordernumber 752. The payment was received on november 1st, but confirmed a week later.. So technically im an in waiting week 7 or 6. I don't know which one they are counting. I understand there must be quite a lot going on there, but a short perspective on when to expect it would be nice... Edit: And just like that i get E-Mail (independet form that post). Now that is timing. Seems the Ultimaker prints too fast for the PLA stock
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