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  1. Matt, Thanks for the interest. We have not made much more progress lately I am buying parts. We have been working on building and selling a few Prusa 2 printers to fund the parts of the large Ultimaker and also 4 other small sized ones (I figured buying in bulk would be cheaper). Two of the small printers are for local hacker spaces. We should be moving foward in the next few months and shall post as we work on the printer.
  2. I am sorry I was planing on putting these up on Thingiverse but was waiting to clean the files up a little. I just cleaned up the folders I still need to put the open source in the readme file FYI. here is a little bit of a description of the files and folders.. the files are for the most part all made with Qcad they are 2d files (anybody can change them I will upload them or what ever) the parts drawings are what i think is the correct sizes anybody that finds them to be wrong let me know. the folders are as follows the machined parts drawings these are drawings of any of the parts that are machined parts (once again they are a work in progress I have not machined any of these yet) Larger sized ultimaker files these are the 4 ft (aprox) by 3ft (aprox) 2d dxf files I used to make my cut sheets. (they are not cleaned up they have a lot of referance lines and such) also use these they not the ones I posted on Thingiverse a few months ago. they are for 5.2 mm plywood. electronics these are the parts list for the Ultimaker electronics and also the eagle cad files (I will be adding to this soon I have the gerber files and also some of the other boards like thermocoupler board ....). normal sized ultimaker files here is the parts list for the normal sized machine (the larger one is for the most part the same just more screws) I am just ordering parts so it might be wrong.. Ultimaker with changes and scaled this is a sheet that i used to make my changes and such it has things split out in layers I had changed a bunch because i was using 5.2 mm plywood instead of 6mm also i used a improved extruder that was in thingiverse. ( I would use the 5.2mm rev 2 sheet and rev 3 sheets. 5.2 mm rev 2 sheet this is a sheet for the rev 2 Ultimaker file that i have made changes to work with 5.2 mm plywood also has the improved extruder and 2 extruders. 5.2 mm rev 3 sheet this is a sheet for the rev 3 Ultimaker file that i have made changes to work with 5.2 mm plywood also has the improved extruder and 2 extruders. new cut sheets this folder has my laser cutter sheets I have used for the actual cutting of the parts they have every thing cleaned up and sized to the laser cutter I was using (note the make it labs 2 x 4 is because i had a lot of 2 x 4 scrap i using this for the regular sized ultimaker cases) the colors I used in the files (if you can see them in the software you use to open with). Red= These are cut lines Blue= These are text or drawing lines Green= These are changes I have made White= these are lines that were text but not cut text yellow= these are reference lines also there any other questions feel free to ask.. FYI I am using the rev 2 files for the most parts because the rev 2 uses 8mm cross slide rods where the rev 3 uses 6mm. Bruce
  3. It is around 3 Ft wide by 4 Ft tall. We are planing on using the same sized rods for the X and Y and the same amount just a longer length. (I have had a lot of discussion on this but I have found that there is not much flex on a 3ft rod then there is on a 15 inch rod and the extruder head is not much weight we will see) We cut the parts on the Makeit labs laser in NH. The build platform is around 800x800x 1000 ish you are right. And we are able to add up to 4 extruders. (we are making 4 other small printers and they will have 2 extruders we added on to the .dxf in the normal folder.) Also in the normal sized folder there are .dxf files for 5.2 mm plywood which is found in most home improvement box store in the north east. I have not thought about a 1mm extruder head yet thanks for the idea.. I will post pictures when we get the case assembled. (right now we are still cutting the smaller parts we can cut on a small laser 1ft x 2 ft) Bruce
  4. I also have a BOM for electronics and I am looking to have a run of boards made if you want one let me know I think they will be around 20.00 each but not 100% sure..
  5. Mike here is a list I have been working on it has some prices for here in the US I am building a few machines right now. https://github.com/bwattendorf/Large-Ul ... chine.xlsx also here is the link to my github which has a bunch of files i have been working on but not all are current https://github.com/bwattendorf/Large-Ul ... 3d-printer
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