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  1. I wonder what makerbot will announce hmmmmm... I wonder if 3D systems will buy pp3dp..and will this machine be closed source? This makes my heart jump and my stomach feel funny :S...I don't like this at all..
  2. http://botmill.com/blog/3d-systems-unve ... com-at-ces ROCK HILL, S.C., Jan 5, 2012 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) — 3D Systems Corporation DDD +4.56% announced today that its Cubify.com 3D@home create-and-make online experience will go live in a beta release January 10, 2012. The company plans to unveil Cubify.com at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 10th–13th 2012 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the exclusive 3D@Home section.Cubify.com combines coloring book simplicity with cloud gaming excitement to deliver a vivid 3D create-and-make experience through
  3. I'm using abs with netfabb with a sells mendel (I know a bit different from an Ultimaker though) And succesfully too (now). I'm using ddurants netfabb material profile creator from his thread. I needed to over increase the filament diameter to compensate for the packing density of abs being lower than pla...I think that's what it is/why anyway :S Rencio out.
  4. I'm printing at 0.1mm layers now with half layer support too! I might be able to go even lower I'm having no extruder jams too because of the very controlled feed rates so I can leave it for like 4 + hours without fear of fails, jams etc. I've never managed this feat before on my mendel . You are a great contributor to the reprap/ultimaker community ddurant . I see from the netfabb forum they have offered to add your configurator to the actual netfabb program! Good luck with that I've realised I know quite a little about the math behind the reprap (even after like 3+ years of doing it
  5. Ok...I've got marlin setup with ramps 1.4...so smooth and quieter with 1/8 step! I'm not using 1/16th because its overheating - probs due to the belt upgrade/mod.. I've tried repetier firmware too but I'm having a few teething problems.. Ok back to netfabb. My extruder is using 1/16th stepping. My volumetric was around 45 (before) so I multiplied that by 8 to give 360 (14 * 360) / 865.88800 = 5.82061421 #define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT {84.86,79.06,3472.44,5.82061421} So then I tried the default and generated configs... (semi)Sucessful print of sophos head...needs a tweak
  6. hmm.. I'm pretty sure my volumetric esteps was around 40 maybe I am mistaken...and I've changed back since I have switched to netfabb.. I used the sf40+ volutmetric calculator ... http://calculator.josefprusa.cz/#ExtrusionSF40 ... :oops: Ahh is this 'real' esteps a different beast to this or are you using the formula based on 16th stepping? Umm I use half-stepping gen3 drivers.. and a modded x and y #define X_STEPS_PER_MM 21.21593291404612//10.124171898769282480213688728022#define X_STEPS_PER_INCH (X_STEPS_PER_MM*INCHES_TO_MM) // *RO#define INVERT_X_DIR 0#define Y_STEPS_PER_MM 19
  7. email nettfabb at support at netfabb.com - they are very open to suggestions/changes/ideas I have have asked for some changes and they say they will probably implement/have implemented now.. or post on their forum http://www.netfabb.com/forum.php They will probably check this forum too so I guess we could make a list of wants/changes/improvements? My wants and problems for netfabb: - [*]Changeable base plate size for custom machines - I know there is an option but I haven't noticed an effect. [*]Moveable calibration circles to position on base plate + tweaking object size/resolution (my
  8. sooo lemme try to understand :S its early here so I'll try to concentrate! :geek: Actually my esteps is 40 not 14..I forgot! I think that's close to volumetric on my setup..as I worked it out a while back for skeinforge.. So for example I wanted to transfer my settings into your formula I'd do this...? (14 * 40) / 865.88800 = 0.646734913 40 being my esteps.. 0.646734913 being my new esteps - I know its low but my 40 with default rpm rates the extruder speed was waaay to high so this number sort of makes sense...my 1st extruder (profile) rpm being 0.06 xD before (in netfabb) after tria
  9. This program is excellent as I didn't know the ratios between settings so it should help loads. I'll have a tweak, a little print, a think and get back to you thanks Rencio
  10. Ello.. I wish to try this program you've made .. I use abs and a 0.35mm nozzle with 2.89mm filament though...what do you advise I change? Oh yeh I also use a mendel with a wade extruder. I've always wondered what esteps per mm I should have for netfabb 4.8..I'm using 14 at the mo. I know it all depends on your setup. I've just used trial and error to create my profiles.. Oh my email is rencio7 at gmail.com. I really need to get a good profile it's really frustrating. I'll post some prints if you want..I want to reduce layer size as much as possible. cheers Rencio out.
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