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  1. the lcd screen is not like the panel i like the idea of the rotary encoder. sadly i didnt manage to get a board made the soldering is no problem but making a pcb.
  2. i found this on thingiverse http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:15081 i love the idea and the size does anybody have some informations about it or build one? the parts seam simple and in the marlin code the lcd and control is integrated so i thought i would give it a try but wanted to know what problems may occur with it.
  3. thank you for the replay. how do i alter the code and get it in the arduino?
  4. At the moment i have small problems with small prints. like the tip of a tower the nozzle moves to fast on the same position so the material wont harder right and it messes up the shape. at the moment im using this version of a cooling fan duct http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:13625 it works good and the prints were better but nothing perfect. has somebody some experience with this? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:15316 or better ideas? thanks
  5. thank you that helped a bit. im using the white PLA from the ultimaker shop on the site stabds more then 254°C what extruder settings are used with this. is there a place where several material defs are collectes to test them out? and thank you for your help
  6. Im a beginner and so im trying to get a good start. im using my ultimaker for the first time with netfabb. can somebody help me with the right settings for white PLA so i can start with the best result possible and then start with the mod of it. i think i have problems with the feed rate or temperature. thanks
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