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  1. So I followed the second bit of advice, I duplicated the generic PLA and altered its diameter.
  2. Installed the plugin Printer Settings from the Marketplace. Cura 4.3.0. Rebooted Cura. Nothing extra has appeared. Did I do something wrong? All I need to do is alter the diameter. My measured filament diameter is 1.722mm, and my prints show slight under extrusion.
  3. I think I did use acetone, and it broke down the PLA rather than dissolved it.
  4. If you inserted a steel needle into the nozzle, you may have distorted or widened it. That may be why your calibration is suddenly off. I am having a problem like yours after running my Ultimaker outside at the Seattle Mini Maker Faire, I am going to take the same steps except I'll use a piece of soft copper wire, if I run anything through the nozzle.
  5. I just finished my Ultimaker and in the process of tuning the plastic feed, it stopped feeding at all. The feeder ground into the side of the filament, and as reported here I could barely push it by hand. When I first got it working, I had to tighten the thumbwheel with what felt like a lot of force, or it would not feed. Now after printing only four objects (3 test 2mm cubes and a whistle) it stopped feeding 1/3 of the way into another 2mm test cube. It just chews into the filament. Does the PTFE tubing stay in the stock fittings? If not, what did you use? Edit: I'm using Cura, and this is
  6. Forgive my ignorance, how do you know? I'm hoping to hear soon that mine is shipping as it has been about 6 weeks. 100001136 12/23/2011 date of confirmed payment "Processing"
  7. Nice! How about a cooled bed? Use a solid state cooler. Or a water cooled bed with copper tube soldered to the back of the bed. Water pumped through a container full of ice.
  8. Anyone using or used TurboCAD? Thanks, Steve Greenfield AE7HD
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