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  1. Hey Guys, Jumping in here after seeing the e-mail about this. A couple things: for what its worth, I told him to jump ahead to Marlin and SF40+. Thats what you guys all told me! :-p For me, my machine seemed to work "well enough" and I was excited to just get printing without all the weirdness from 5D hesitating at every line. I've never actually tuned anything - I pretty much printed two cubes and a bottle opener on the old stuff then immediately jumped to all the new beta stuff. However aside from being very aware that my belts are loose, I've had plenty of prints that are useful to me. Anyway, I might not be as picky on print quality. Which leaves me wondering - Richard, some of your prints don't even look bad to me. But then, its a little hard to tell - it looks like most of the pictures are dead straight on, which makes it hard to really see whats going on. Can you take some pictures with more of an isometric view? Also, the drop box links are kind of a pain if I want to go back and forth for between a few pictures, to get the "whole story" so to speak. Personally if you took some isometric pictures and put all your pictures on an online gallery like picasa or flickr, it would be easier for me to really understand what is actually wrong with the prints. Also, I never found a picture that showed what you described (didn't look at them all though), but you said the infill wasn't hitting the perimeter at times. Have you seen this page? http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Troubleshooting#When_a_layer_is_printed.2C_the_perimiters_and_infill_of_the_object_do_not_or_barely_touch._How_can_I_fix_this.3F I don't like this forum thing so I may forget to come back, but chat me if I miss something. Oh, I was going to say that trying Netfabb might be a good idea - use the low quality profile and just see if the problems are still there, or which problems are gone and which persist. If any of the problems go away, you know they are from Skeinforge and/or the Skeinforge settings. Changing one part of the system and seeing how it behaves is always a good way to troubleshoot. Although depending on how Netfabb does the topskins, it might not even be able to make a good whistle. But thats another issue and it will be clear if thats the problem. (I've never tried printing a whistle so I'm just guessing). -Taylor
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