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  1. Hi guys, I have a UM1 and am facing an issue with hotend: --When i start print, I manually push up the temperature to 200c (controlled via laptop). --However, it usually takes sometime before it actually starts heating up. So on the temperature graph in cura, there will be a long flat line (at room temperature), then suddenly / randomly it will heat up. Sometimes everything will be fine. I raise the temp in CUra, and it heats up immediately. What's the best way I can I can trouble shoot to see what the problem is? Thanks!
  2. THANK YOU JHINKLE FOR THIS! I've been printing for 8 months with a VERY hard to move head. I was 100% sure that my printhead wasn't making my small rods exactly 90 degrees (because I was unable to get my large rods truly perpendicular), but everyone said it was unlikely that the printhead would cause that. I will try again now! Thank you...
  3. Im not much better. I printed 2 items and filament flow jammed. Trying to clear the head i broke mine. Ordered replacement and still waiting for it to ship.
  4. Is there anyone from SEA here??
  5. this spam looks automated... if so, simple tools like akismet could be added into the forum code to solve the problem once and for all, automatically. afaik, using akismet just requires adding a few additional lines of code
  6. if we have a cad drawing of the desired nozzle I could check up one of the local CNC guys here in Asia to see if they can do a prototype...
  7. i'd support this....! How much would an actual proof of concept cost? Im sure we gather lets say 50 people together who each contribute say $XX for the prototype, we'd raise enough funds to get a prototype made?
  8. Hi daid, thanks for your suggestion. Laser cutter does sound interesting. Which models might you be considering? I was also thinking of a 3d scanner... Would really save time!!
  9. Oops my mistake~ Yes 0.2mm radius i mean..
  10. For me it was the wooden box and super cool logo. And of course the fact its a great printer (pulled the trigger right after seeing ddurants 0.02mm yoda post).
  11. Ah you are right... So basically because the "line of plastic" that is printed is 0.4mm (due to nozzle size), this means that sharp corners will never really be truly sharp, but would have a 0.4mm radius to them?
  12. To add, the reason why I am asking this is because I am thinking of getting the UP Printer while I wait for my Ultimaker to ship (just placed order).....
  13. Anyone here have the UP Printer? Apart from its "ready out of box" nature and less tweaking required, is there any other reason why an UP Printer would be better than an Ultimaker? Thanks!
  14. In the Z direction that is. The X/Y direction stil lay down ~0.4mm width lines, so you can get some "rounded" corners, but this isn't visible at all with organic models like the Yoda. Hi Daid, is the X/Y 0.4mm limitation due to nozzle size? Or is it due to stepper motor precision? Thanks!
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