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  1. Thanks for the info! No hurry with it ... but it would be great to test the version with my UM. :-P So if you find the time to send me a PM I'll be very thankful. I'm looking forward to see the official change list and read about all the great new features you created! Until then ... happy coding :rolleyes:
  2. Hi Daid, I saw a presentation of the new Cura Version at CeBIT last week. Features and the look and feel are great. Thanks for the great work!!! Erik told me it would eventually be available this monday. But I can't find it anywhere. Am I blind or is the new version not released yet? - cb0
  3. I've tried the Standard and Ultra Settings from Netfabb. Layersize: beween 0.150mm and 0.08mm Speed: 60mm/s This is the standard speed that netfabb has. What values do you use ?
  4. Hello together, I have continues problems with printing anything for over 2 weeks. :cry: I've tried a lot of things. My setup: Firmware: Marlin 0.9.3 GCode Software: Netfabb 4.8 and lately 4.9, also tried RepG GCode Printing: usually ReplicatorG, also tried Printrun and lately Netfabb 4.9 Short problem description: Filament won't extrude after first layers at normal speed when printing. When feed by RepG (230°C,speed 2000) everything works fine. Heres my detailed problem description: First of all I thought my extruder gear won't grab the filament ending up in stripped filament. So I tightened the filament feed mechanism and made sure the filament will be extruded towards the extrusion head. This resulted in this: https://picasaweb.google.com/104195486315479086890/UMPictures#5723100012579085314 (short video) The feed mechanism I not able to put enough pressure into feeding the filament to the heated head. Then I opened the feed screw, heated the head to 230°C and tried to push the filament by hand. This is nearly impossible. But if I heat it up to 230°C, and let RepG push the filament out at a speed of 2000, everything works fine. It just seems to me that I'm not able to push out filament at a high speed. When printing something, the first layer mostly looks real good. But after the first layer, the head seems to stop extruding, the filament get's stripped and the print fails. Example 1: Example 2: Another strange thing is that I cannot pull-out filament by hand when head is at 230°C. This worked for me before and I also had some great quality prints. (e.g. http://www.thingiverse.com/marcusp/made) Additional Infos: GCode Header in Netfabb: M92 E14 M106 M109 Temperature shown when printing in RepG: 185~195°C Does anybody has any suggestion for me ? Maybe someone had this problem before. Please Please help, I'm some kind of depressed.
  5. Great news!! I'm really looking forward to the direct print feature in OS X. And the awesome "quick overwrite settings within the region rulesets". Please leave a note in this thread when the update will be available. Thanks and keep up the great work!!
  6. Same here I placed my order beginning of December and now I just can wait to get it. Luckily there are so many topics I can study while waiting. - the build instructions - others users tips and tricks - learn how to use OpenSCAD time is running and I just can wait.
  7. I dreamed about having a 3D printer since I first read about the RepRap project. Last December I stumbled upon MakerBot, and saw that there are now Kits that are affordable and nice looking. After getting some new informations about the actual development of 3D printers, and after comparing the key features of each of them, I was sure Ultimaker is the best. I think, it delivers the best quality actually available in 3D DIY printing. 0.02mm are just stunning. The speed looks real great in videos and both, the quality of the UM itself and the quality of the parts it can print, looks great. In addition to that, there is this great wiki, this great forum and last but not least the super friendly developer team behind the whole product. Now I CAN'T wait to get my Ultimaker Hopefully time goes fast and I will get it within the next 2 weeks. After that I hopefully can can tell that this purchase was worth every €. :mrgreen:
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